Sand Free Plaster – Mixture That Eliminates The Use Of Sand In Construction

Perlcon Sandfree Plaster Sustainability is the new taboo subject of modern time construction. Every day we talk about making our environment eco-friendly, using sustainable resources and much more. But do you really think we are making any effort to do so.

Even if not by taking much bigger steps, we can change a small habit or our previous ways to support our environment.

One such step is using sustainable construction materials. And here today we are gonna talk about one such amazing eco-friendly sustainable product.


Why switch to Perlcon Sand Free Plaster?

Demand for construction sand has caused rapid depletion of riverbeds and raised many environmental concerns. Aggressive and controlled sand mining has resulted in erratic supply and also fluctuation in prices and also inconsistency in quality.


So what there is an alternative?


Perlcon Sand Free Plaster - Perlcon Sand Free plaster is one such product, which replaces the use of sand in cement. It is a unique cement-based formulation developed specifically to overcome sand related problems. Some of the problems which are faced by using sand are availability, quality, labor and time. By the use of sand free plaster various benefits are ensured like consistent quality, fewer operational cycles and quick construction.


Not only this, it also saves time and manpower. And one of the most important quality of this cement is it is self-curing which makes it resolve the problem of water for curing.


Also it is a premix materials which is supplied in bags. So just add water and apply, as simple as that.


Benefits of Using Sand Free Plaster

  1. Crack Free

  2. Self-Curing

  3. Saves Water

  4. Lasts Long

  5. Efflorescence Free

  6. Dust Free and Clean

  7. Light Weight

  8. Saves Time and Cost



Technical Specifications –

  1. Dry density: 1600 kg/cm (+/- 5 %)

  2. Initial setting time: 90 – 120 mins

  3. Final setting time: 200 – 260 mins

  4. Pot life: 3 hrs

  5. Coating thickness: 10 – 18 mm

  6. Coverage*: 170 kg/100 sq.ft. (10 mm thick plaster)

  7. Shelf life**: 6 months

  8. Ideal for use at 27oC – 30oC



How to Apply –

  1. Fill a clean pot with potable water measuring 18% (+/- 5%) the weight of Sandfree Plaster (1 kg Sandfree Plaster: 0.18 liters water).

  2. Pour Sandfree Plaster into the pot. Mix and knead slowly to form a homogeneous paste. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes. Mix the green mortar again without adding more water.

  3. Evenly apply a coat of Sandfree Plaster with a mason’s trowel or with aluminum level patty.

  4. Apply aluminum level patty from bottom to top direction followed by left to right & right to left direction without leaving stroke marks to level the plaster.

  5. After initial setting applies aluminum scrapping patty to achieve the true level and create a rough texture for a subsequent coat.

  6. Over smaller area and in corners, apply grilled float to open out plaster surface. Remove loose particles.

  7. After 45 min apply steel/float/muster, if necessary with a little sprinkling of water to achieve perfectly leveled plaster surface.

  8. Smooth, leveled, Sandfree Plaster wall is now ready. No curing is required.


Conclusion –


So I feel it’s time for us to think about the environment and also about the future coming generations. Don’t extinct resources yourself completely that our future generation don’t even know what the thing looked like.


So let's take a first step towards the sustainable development, and start using Perlcon Sandfree Plaster for further construction.