Why Green Buildings are required and how Econaur can help in that

If you still don't know what exactly we do, well don't worry here you will understand that what we are doing and how we do?


 Econaur is India's first online aggregator platform, which provides one-stop solutions for green and energy efficient buildings by providing the materials, products, technology and expert guidance. It has made an easy online platform for everyone who needs to know about sustainable green construction and also can share his or her ideas, projects, and vision about what further can done in sustainable construction.

Sustainable Product Companies now have an easy online platform where they have not only showcase their products but also can find out about the new sustainable technology & projects undergoing in the market by connecting with a community of green building professionals.


Our vision- We know that tons of resources being wasted in construction every day and if we go wasting the resources at the same speed than sooner, we are going to extinct our resources and become endangered. Therefore, our efforts are towards raising the awareness about sustainability and green construction, which is an alternative solution for using resources in the most efficient manner. Our intention of having a community of stakeholders, architects, consultants, and manufacturing companies, so under a single platform, anybody can communicate with anyone and know what more can be achieved in sustainable construction.


We Believe- We believe in working together, and no better way can be there to connect every member from the building industry at a single platform.


How we do it?

The major thing we keep in mind before highlighting any information or product on our platform is that the product does not have any harmful impact on the environment. As long as the product is sustainable and minimize the harmful effects on the environment, we are always whole-heartedly open to highlight the product. Even if you want to share any information or post, anything related to green building, new sustainable products or about the environment then also we give you a community article section where you can share anything related. You can not only share but also come to know about more sustainable innovations going on all around the world. We personally too share regular content in our blog section about new technologies, construction products and news about the green building.


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