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Econaur intents to promote Sustainable product & technology required in Buildings and in Construction, Here is the Innovative Product by Cydee Technologies which is working to lower down the cost of Electrification systems.

cydee street light

Meet the Sustainable Product

About Product

Unique Patented Streetlight which can reduce the number of streetlights by 60%, saving material, manufacturing, deployment and maintenance cost by 60%, along with saving upto 30% extra energy.

The Product is extraordinary as will be useful in the places where there are less resources.

cydee street light

Problem & Solution Addressing

unique patented streetlights to help public and private sectors reduce cost by reducing the number of light poles by 60%, saving 60% material, manufacturing, deployment and maintenance cost along with 30% Extra Energy Saving compared to conventional LED Streetlights.

It is Benficial in the remote areas where there are no street lights present due to limitation of resources.


a. Innovative Cydee Streetlight

b. Outdoor Light Planning for optimizing the number of lights and energy
consumption as per required illumination standards.

c. Solar Powered Streetlight with Innovative Cydee Streetlight.
d. High Efficiency MPPT Type Solar Charge Controller. 

e. Customized Outdoor LED Lights.