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In Econaur we focus on gaining, refining and sharing expertise in Green Building sustainable development sector using our Inbuilt Community platform. Here we bring a Opportunity for existing business owners to connect with India’s First integrated Platform and engage with the new Sustainable Product Companies. The Products required in Construction are made by recyclable and some may be not, but their overall contribution is in saving the energy consumption, water consumption & in decreasing the Carbon Emissions

We are inviting you to be a part of Econaur. In econaur we believe in Keeping your surroundings green by using Sustainable Products in Construction. Also, we are India's First Integrated Platform which is one stop Solution for Green Buildings & Energy Efficient Buildings by Providing all the materials, products, technology & the Expert Professionals at the same place.

About the Associate Program

In Econaur we focus on gaining, refining and sharing expertise in Green Building/ sustainable development sector using our Inbuilt Community platform and bringing all entities together and spreading the word regarding Green Building Construction. Our website is a means of communication for all the benefactors comprising of architects, building consultants and the common man who wants sustainable solutions.

About Us

We have assisted in more than 100 projects and we have more than 60 members supporting the Green building Solutions.As well as several well known companies are part of us such as Excel Coating, Perlcon, Visaka and many more. We deal in more than 50 products differentiated in the categories such as- Energy Efficient, Water Efficient, Recycle and waste Management Products,Building Materials and New Sustainable Products.


By connecting with us you’ll get to be a part of the community of Expert and professional Architects,Building Consultants,students who aspire to be a part of this industry. Along with this will help you in connecting with these companies and consult and provide the guidance in your every step of your business from joining to be a dealer we are here to help you.

Connecting with Clients

Also, will share the new opportunities that are coming your way through mails/calls. We in Econaur believe in creating something new by keeping the environment friendly and helping your homes becoming Green.