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In Econaur we focus on gaining, refining and sharing expertise in Green Building/ sustainable development sector using our Inbuilt Community platform. Here we bring a Opportunity for existing business owners to connect with India’s First integrated Platform and engage with the new Sustainable Product Companies. The Products required in Construction are made by recyclable and some may be not, but their overall contribution is in saving the energy consumption, water consumption & in decreasing the Carbon Emissions



By connecting with us you’ll get to be a part of the community of Expert and professional Architects,Building Consultants,students who aspire to be a part of this industry. Along with this will help you in connecting with these companies and consult and provide the guidance in your every step of your business from joining to be a dealer we are here to help you.


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After Submitting the details, Econaur team will contact the Applicant and understand about the requirements & support that is required in Becoming a Associate

Meeting with company

After discussion with Econaur team, Company Representative will meet you and guide you about the process of Association and the Support they can provide

Becoming the associate

After the final discussion and documentation, The applicant become the dealer of the desired company and can take the advantage of online support from ECONAUR


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