The construction industry along with infrastructure development is the growth engine of India and has undergone a dramatic change in the last few decades. New materials, automation and sophisticated equipment have increased speed and reduced costs albeit, only till the structural stage.
At the post structural construction level, materials and processes still remain largely unchanged. Over 50% of construction projects suffer from delays and over spending and more than 30% of the completed projects have quality defects resulting in huge cost and time overruns. This is mainly because of increasing costs and lack of easy availability of materials like sand, bricks, labour and such essential resources. Delays are also due to inconsistency in materials, inefficiency of labour, talent, training and fatigue.

About product

Built on the philosophy of making life simpler and better for builders, architects, contractors, masons and customers, Perlcon will cater to the needs of dry mortars for varied applications. With 12 dry mortar formulations that aid quick and better post structural construction, Perlcon will revolutionize the way India looks at construction materials. Our offerings include light weight plasters, masonry mortars for bricks and blocks, insulation and moisture releasing plasters, decorative plasters, white and colour putties, tile/stone fixing mortars for vertical and horizontal surfaces and tile joint fillers in different colours.

Production Capacity

Perlcon’s range of dry mortar products are manufactured at Company’s state of the art, modern, fully automated plant located near Ahmedabad. The plant has a production capacity of 1,00,000 MT per annum. Perlcon products are cement-based premix, developed using well researched and proven European technology, customized for Indian conditions. Perlcon products are a move towards the future. They result in considerable savings of time, cost and labour. They make the operations easier, cleaner, dust free and ensure greater productivity.​

Perlcon: Sand Free Cement

Ever increasing demand for construction sand has caused rapid depletion of riverbeds and raised many environmental concerns. Aggressive and controlled sand mining has resulted in erratic supply and therefore greater fluctuation in prices as well as inconsistency in quality


To reap the full benefits of AAC/CLC blocks, they need be used in combination with Perlcon Blockbond, Additionally, Blockbond provides better heat insulation as its unique composition does not allow creation of a thermal bridge. Perlcon Blockbond is 2.25 times lighter in weight than conventional mortars and therefore offers higher coverage.

Perlcon Brickbond is a unique cement based formulation developed specifically to overcome sand related problems like availability, quality, labour and time while enhancing the advantages of mortar. Brickbond ensures consistent quality, fewer operation cycles and quick construction. It saves time and manpower.


Perlcon’s Colorputty replaces conventional white putty to add aesthetics to walls in homes and offices. Sometimes final painting needs be deferred to detect dampness, leakages, cracks, etc. or to decide on interiors before the final painting job.

Featured Products

Internal or external wall tiling/cladding work is exposed to extreme temperature variations which induces expansion and contraction of tiles/stones. In addition, external tiling or cladding is also affected by rains, wind and gravitational force. Air pockets and lack of curing reduces stability of tiling work.

Osmoplast is an indigenous, self curing, sand free ready mix mortar formulation from Perlcon which makes damp wall free of moisture by releasing the vapours into the environment. Since it does not allow seeped water to get accumulated within plaster surface, it prevents stain formations as well as flaking and peeling of paints on your beautiful walls.

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