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Going green has become mandatory for anyone involved in building construction and/or maintenance. The growth in the certified green building market has been making headlines for over a decade with no end in sight. Plus, studies consistently show that building green pays off. On average, green buildings simply have the competitive edge in terms of cost effectiveness, marketability and […]

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Modern forms of human existence, associated with rapid economic development, have contributed to an over-exploitation of renewable natural resources such as land and forests, and the exhaustion of non-renewable resources such as minerals and fossil fuels. We have impacted the natural resources to a great extent for our own greed. To prevent the coming generation […]

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The concept of Green Buildings has risen to the status of a revolution in the past decade and rightly so. With the world getting more crowded, we are on the verge of facing the depletion of vital natural resources. Conventional building designs have suited well for some decades in the past but their limitations and […]

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Architects across the country are engaging more and more with ecological, or biological, architecture, preferring to use resources and materials closest at hand. Easy on the environment and sustainable, such buildings are not only eco-friendly, but also have great longevity Manavsadhna, Ahmedabad   New Delhi-based architect Bilal Khan was recently given a project to design […]

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Recently ASSOCHAM India has taken a step ahead and installed The Rajasthan Chapter of it’s Green and Eco-friendly Movement (GEM) Program in Jaipur on 3rd January 2019. It was an Important step in creating awareness about the Green Building Movement in Rajasthan. Till now GRIHA & IGBC were working in Rajasthan by certifying the Green […]

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Ministry of Water Resources Introduced National Water Awards this year. Water is one of the vital components of life. The rapid pace of irrigation growth, urbanization & industrialization has put enormous stress on water resources. The cumulative impact of increase in use of this precious natural resource has led to water scarcity in many regions […]

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Solar Energy, as named the energy that we get from the Sun. Nuclear-powered fusion occurring in the sun releases enormous amount of energy in the form of heat and light. Several techniques are available for collecting, adapting and using solar energy. METHODS OF HARVESTING SOLAR ENERGY Some of various devices which can be used easily […]

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What is a Green Facade To “green” building envelopes is currently one of the most promising ways to provide energy savings in buildings and to contribute to the urban heat island effect mitigation. The shadow effect supplied by plants is the most significant parameter for this purpose. One way to characterize the potential shadow effect […]

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With the growing awareness & the requirement of energy conservation practices, Government has taken an important step to further strengthen the Green Building sector. Ministry of Power has launched the ECO Niwas Samhita 2018,an Energy Conservation Building Code for Residential Buildings (ECBC-R).The Code was launched on the occasion of National Energy ConservationDay 2018 in the […]

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Energy Efficiency is word related to the efficient and minimum use of energy so that natural resources can be saved, Ministry of Power initiated and formed BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) in 2002, since then it’s function is to develop programs which will increase the conservation and efficient use of energy in India. It was […]

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