Oxygen is the Most required Product Nowadays, Let’s Understand how to sustain it !

ROTI, KAPDA AUR MAKAN… Are these the only basic necessities of life? For me, it’s Oxygen too! I breathe every day and that’s why I plant every day. For me earning my own OXYGEN is as important as earning my Food. I am Dipankar Rabha, Founder of OXY3. MBA by education and Nature Lover by heart who keeps planting with a smile for the hard work to bloom beautiful flowers and fruits some day. In this Busy Life, we might be complaining about Low pay, Political Issues, Work Load, Pollution and what not. And when it’s about the solution, we just “Speak”. We earn to buy gadgets, luxury cars, Expensive Smartphones etc. etc. But, do we earn life? POLLUTION is killing people on its best day by day without even informing us. Here are some health problems due to Pollution and particularly AIR POLLUTION : I am afraid to say that some reports have already stated that Plantation alone cannot help Earth now. And, after many research and studies, I could not find any better solution too other than PLANTING yet. Even the Almighty had chosen them to purify Air naturally and produce Oxygen. So, why lose hope so early. An air purifier can purify some air your room but not Earth. And that’s why I chose gardening! What’s Wrong if it’s solving a number of health problems and employment too? Here are some Unexpected Health Benefits of Gardening: Stress-relief and self-esteem. Heart health and stroke Hand strength and dexterity. Brain health and Alzheimer’s risk. Immune regulation. Depression and mental health. Yes again ! – We do Gardening. And here’s how we generate employment. We design a garden according to your need and location. No matter it’s a small balcony, terrace, lawn or a Wall. We plant everywhere possible. And then we provide you with our trained gardener on Subscription to maintain the same. Thus, the Poor get their ROTI and you get your beautiful garden at your MAKAN. Some pictures of our work we would love to Share proudly. We are Planting OXYGEN everywhere we get an opportunity for the maximum number of people we can. It’s your turn to plant your OXYGEN now. As we are operating only in Jaipur for now, we can surely help you anywhere in Jaipur City with a dream to help the pink city wear some Green Ornaments. Let’s Plant OXYGEN!