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AB-QM – Pressure Independent balancing and Control Valve (PICV)

  • Danfoss AB-QM was the first of its kind control valve for HVAC heating and cooling applications. The pressure independent balancing and control valve means that the control characteristic is independent from the available pressure.It is a control valve with automatic flow limitation and built-in differential pressure controller. The control performance is very accurate. PICV’s increase the energy efficiency of HVAC heating and cooling systems...

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The AB-QM ensures and control the required flow on every terminal unit and maintains Hydronic balance in the system

 Features –

  • Flow limitation function
  • Modulating below 1% of set flow, regardless of the setting
  • Authority of 1 at all settings
  • Able to close against 16 bar of differential pressure
  • Linear control characteristic
  • Scale in percentage of flow
  • Control ratio 1:1000
  • Test plugs for pump optimization and flow verification for DN 10-250
  • Available in the range from DN 10 – 250 from one supplier.Characteristic changed from linear to equal percentage
  • Characteristic at all sizes by adjusting actuator settings
  • Lockable setting


Stable room temperature-

Eliminating the overflow situations at partial load conditions has a significant effect on the stability of the room temperature

Improved indoor comfort-

With the stable room temperature, the indoor comfort increases. Required temperatures are accurately met, increasing the productivity of office employees or benefitting the experience of hotel guests.

Energy savings-

The perfectly balanced system, under all conditions, increases the energy efficiency and leads to savings on energy costs.

Reduced maintenance costs-

As the pressure-independent valves ensure perfect working conditions, the actuators mounted on them require fewer movements to keep the temperature stable. This increases the lifetime value of the actuators and reduces the maintenance costs.


  • AB-QM Pressure Independent balancing and Control Valves (PICV) provide both a control functionality and dynamic balancing solution for HVAC heating and cooling systems.
  • PICVs are designed for various types of terminal units, Fan Coil Units (FCU), Air Handling Units (AHU), chillers and provide high indoor comfort and energy efficiency in public and commercial buildings.

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AB-QM – Pressure Independent balancing and Control Valve (PICV)
AB-QM – Pressure Independent balancing and Control Valve (PICV)
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