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Surface CARE Enzymic is a natural, organic, non-toxic fully degradable deep cleaner, sanitizer and odor controller surface cleaning solution.

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Package Content (No of pieces)
One Bottle, except for the special schemes
Benefits – 1. Provides long-lasting cleaning & odour control 2. Degrades residual organics (e.g. grease, food spills, urine etc) to provide a continual deep cleaning action.3. Prevents the growth of undesirable disease-causing organisms.4. Keeps sink drains unclogged and free of odour.
Skin type suitable for -1. Suitable for all skin types 2. Recommended using protective hand gloves while using Expiry (Shelf Life) – 1. 12 months at 2 Deg C to 35 Deg C. 2. Store in cool, dry place
Once Opened – 1. 12 months at 2 Deg C to 35 Deg C. 2. Store in cool, dry place3. Use within 8 hours of dilution.
Allergy Warning(If Any) – 1. Contains non-pathogenic bacterial cultures. 2. Tested for Toxicology. 3. The contents are tested for Aquatic toxicology tests (assays).
Suitable For(Age Group) – S2: Keep out of reach of children.
Package content Unit – One Bottle, except for the special schemes
Fragrance Type – Natural Organic built in Fragrance
Recommended For – It is very useful for hard surfaces like Shiny Floor Surfaces, Polished Granite and Marble, Glass & Mirrors, Bathroom and Household fixtures, Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks, Drains and Garbage areas. The Floor Cleaner uses active enzymes which are the most effective ingredients to remove and eliminate stains and odors. These plant-based proteins quickly break down substances like grease, food spills, fats, oils, dry skin, dirt, and urine.
Medical Condition – 1. Inhalation: Very low risk in normal usage since the product is nonvolatile. 2. Skin Contact: Avoid unnecessary contact and keep away from broken skin or open wounds. Wash thoroughly all affected areas with soap and water. Remove contaminated clothing and launder before re-use. Wash hands before eating or drinking. 3. Eye Contact: Irrigate with plenty of clean running water. Seek medical attention if irritation persists. 4. Ingestion : Do not swallow, rinse out mouth with water.
Size – 400 ml
Dimension – HDPE PET bottle of 400ml

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