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Bio gas

Biogas is a source of green and clean energy. It is produced from raw materials like agricultural waste, manure, plant material, green waste or food waste, by breakdown of organic matter in absence of oxygen.

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Composting Products

Compost is decomposed organic matter, which is used in gardens, horticulture and organic farming. Compost can be formed using egg shells, manure, vegetable & fruit peelings, dry leaves and grass.Compost enriches soil, helping retain moisture, suppress plants diseases and pests.

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Recycled Products

Recycling is converting waste materials into new materials and objects like glass, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic. Recycling conserves natural resources, protects ecosystem and wildlife, saves energy and reduces landfill waste.

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Waste Treatment Products

Waste Treatment is treating solid wastes and offers solutions for recycling items. Waste treatment is not only beneficial for environment and economic but also beneficial to health.

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Organic Sanitation Products

Organic Sanitation Products are made up of natural products. They are cost effective, safer for environment and the user also no harmful smell of chemicals. We provide organic solutions which are made up of natural enzymes, controls odor and gives amazing cleaning.

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Recycled Industrial Products

Industrial Recycling means reusing and recycling waste materials generated from industrial waste. Recycling saves energy, lessens producer demand's for raw products, helps in mitigating global warming and reduce pollution.

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