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Pressure reducing Valves

A pressure-reducing valve maintains lower pressures in branches of hydraulic systems. It ensures reliable and stable pressure for household water systems. Also reduces risk of water leaks, limits water waste by lowering flow rates.

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Waterless Urinals

Waterless Urinals look like regular urinal without a pipe for intake, instead the drain is by gravity. Further, urine is sent to a water treatment plant. Water causes the odor and bacteria in every urinal, waterless urinals turn out to be more hygienic than the ones we use right now!

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Flush Fixtures

Flush fixtures are used in saving the water and also use dual flushing option to use grey water in flushing.

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Water Tanks

Water Tank is a container used for storing water. Themoplastic coated water tanks are sustainable and corrosion free which means it has a longer lifespan.

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STP Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants. Sustainable sewage treatment plants should use minimum electricity.

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Water Aerators

Water Aerators are used to increase or maintain the oxygen saturation of water. Water Aerators save money & water, less noise, no splashing and no more dirt.

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Rain water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting is a sustainable method to collect rain water.

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Purification Products

Water Purification is used to remove harmful chemicals, contaminants from the water. Water purification provides better taste, less mineral scale.

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Piping Sytems

Piping Systems are network of pipes to transfer the fluids. Plastic Piping System is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice, they are durable, strong, light weight and require less energy to fabricate.

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