Zerodor Waterless Urinal Kit (for Male Urinals)




Zerodor is a revolutionary waterless urinal technology which can save over 151000 liters of water per year per urinal. That is one whole year of 14 families getting access to water.

No Smell. Guaranteed.
Restrooms smell only when #PeePee mixes with water. Zerodor waterless Urinals make it impossible for them to make love (and odor), in the urinals. Besides the urinal, your restroom can smell from #PeePee on the floor. Good news – we have discovered enzymes that remove it too.

Saves You 80% Water
On average, conventional urinals use anywhere between 4 and 10 liters of water per use, depending upon how old they are. A typical man takes a leak twice on an average day in office. With Zerodor, you can feel better for saving thousands of liters a year even in a small office.

100% Safe. Hygienic. Legal
Some plumbers may still argue that waterless urinals can cause toxic sewer gas to escape and hence not safe to use. Just like us, you should point them to the Indian and International Plumbing Codes that accepted waterless urinals 16 years ago

Literally Low-Maintenance
If you have tried waterless urinals earlier, you are aware of the cartridges that need to be changed frequently. Zerodor uses a mechanical valve that you need to change, NEVER. Follow our 15-minute Deep Cleaning Schedule twice a week, and your urinal will stay brand new, for years.


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