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Energy Efficient Material


Air Conditioning Technology & Solutions

Advanced environmental technologies, primarily in the field of air conditioning, are used in the buildings and equipment and serve as a model for solutions that achieve both unrivaled energy efficiency and comfortable indoor environments



A chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. This liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool equipment


Lighting Pipes

Light tubes are physical structures used for transmitting or distributing natural or artificial light for the purpose of illumination, and are examples of optical waveguides.


Electronic Ballasts

An electrical ballast is a device placed in line with the load to limit the amount of current in an electrical circuit. It may be a fixed or variable resistor


Lighting Fixtures

A light fixture, light fitting, or luminaire is an electrical device that contains an electric lamp that provides illumination. All light fixtures have a fixture body and one or more lamps

Lighting Management Systems

Lighting Management System. LMS is essentially a comprehensive automation system of lighting control based on Occupancy/daylight. The settings are easily programmable to create customized lighting scenes. The system also enables ommunication between various lightings to ensure functionality in buildings

motion sensor light

Lighting Sensors

A light sensor is an electronic device used to detect light. There are several types of light sensors. A photocell or photo resistor is a small sensor which changes its resistance when light shines on it. ... Photomultipliers detect light and multiply it


Solar Air Conditioning

Solar air conditioning refers to any air conditioning system that uses solar power. This can be done through passive solar, solar thermal energy conversion and photovoltaic conversion

Energy Measuring Equipments

power quality analyzers, energy monitoring systems, electrical safety testers and electrical digital multi function meters and more.

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Sustainable Material Guide
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