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The main benefit from measures to improve energy efficiency buildings lower energy costs but there are usually other benefits to be considered too. Energy efficiency measures are meant to reduce the amount of energy  consumed while maintaining or improving the quality of services provided in the building. Econaur has Experienced team of Professional Energy Engineers & Consultants who guide you in making your building Energy Efficient & Sustainable. Share your Inquiry or the support you require in Making a Energy Efficient & Sustainable building.

A ‘green’ building is a building that, in its design, construction or operation, reduces or eliminates negative impacts, and can create positive impacts, on our climate and natural environment. Green buildings preserve precious natural resources and improve our quality of life.

There are a number of features which can make a building ‘green’, which include :

1. Efficient use of energy, water and other resources
2. Use of renewable energy, such as solar energy
3. Pollution and waste reduction measures, and the enabling of re-use and recycling
4. Good indoor environmental air quality
5. Use of materials that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable
6. Consideration of the environment in design, construction and operation
7. Consideration of the quality of life of occupants in design, construction and operation
8. A design that enables adaptation to a changing environment
9. Any building can be a green building, whether it’s a home, an office, a school, a hospital, a community centre, or any other type of structure, provided it includes features listed above.

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