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The product which is used in the construction of green buildings & provide environmental and social benefits are sustainable. We are a platform for communicating the sustainability of brands and their products. Products committed to positive social and environmental influence.

GUIDE 2023

Launching in December 2023 during our flagship event that is Econaur Sustainability Awards 2023

Submit your details if you have any Sustainable Building Material, if your product is sustainable then we will add the same to our list, also get a chance to partner with us.

After filling the details, our team will have a detail Interaction with you. If we find the synergy than  we will share the Proposal to the product manufacturing team and form to share product details, once we get the details and confirmation on the proposal shared will start adding the details of product in Guide 2023.

The last date of Registration and confirmation is 31st October 2023



Exclusive Sustainability Platform

An aggregator platform providing a one-stop solution for the construction of the green building, enlisting and promoting sustainable products which contribute to making the building energy and resource-efficient.


Expansion & Dealership Support

Econaur provides support to the existing dealers of its associate companies to give them better momentum. It connects its partner companies with new clients and projects for them to elicit better opportunities.


Green Product Certification

Exclusive green product certification is awarded to products that are sustainable and minimize the harmful effect on the environment, which can be considered as an assurance that the product is energy efficient during its life cycle.


Community Collaborations

Connecting the companies with a robust network of more than 1 lakh people from the building fraternity inclusive of building professionals, architects, consultants, and sustainability enthusiasts.


Inquiries and Sales

Econaur connects the companies with relevant buyers looking for sustainable products and regularly shares genuine inquires about the products directly with the partner companies.


Online Promotions and Marketing

Econaur organizes a series of marketing advertisements and campaigns online for the enhanced reach and building of a strong online presence of the company.



We’ve done it with our own buildings and with hundreds of others — and we’re confident we can help you. Many of our clients forced us to find natural products that would compete in price with cheaper, unnatural products. This was a challenge, but we did it.


The partner program is a Specially designed feature of ECONAUR, which aims to associate with & support the new tech product companies dealing in construction and are committed to sustainability. Econaur Platform helps companies with new project acquisition, expansion, and enhanced visibility.


The Econaur team also supports and promotes the featured product so that can be reached, prospective clients. Econaur has a database of various undergoing projects, builders, and other associations. Our team tries to reach customers through mailing, social media, and presenting video graphics to recent undergoing projects presenting the advantage of using the sustainable product.

our partners trust us

You ask, we answer

Those products which are used in the construction of green buildings & provide environmental and social benefits are sustainable products. Not always made up of recyclable processes but ultimately their overall contribution is to saving energy and resources.

If the product protects the health and environment and leads to saving energy and resources in any manner they can, over their whole life cycle, then the product would be sustainable.

Creating more awareness and exposure of the product of partners and ultimately leading to an increase in sales. Also, the service and analysis will help the partners to improve their products and target their potential customers.


How Econaur Better then other platform

Econaur is the only platform in india that is working to provide the best results in terms of customer reach and to the target audience, we designed the platform as per the requirement of the sustainable products in which the other companies are lacking.

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Sustainable Material Guide


Sustainable Material Guide
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