about Econaur

Econaur is India’s growing & only online platform which provides one stop solutions for Green Buildings & Energy Efficient Buildings by providing all the materials, products, technology & the expert professionals at the same place. Econaur (Prakriti group) is working to provide Green Building solutions, for promoting it further it has made an online Platform which is providing all the solutions of making a Building Green & Energy Efficient.

It has made an easy platform for all the new Sustainable product companies which are working for the environment to showcase their products on our platform so people will got to know about the product and also can purchase it easily online. Together by the community (Social network) on our platform Architects, Consultants & Product Company Representatives connects together & also grow this green movement by learning the technology & product on our platform.

We feature products that are aimed at the following:

sustainable living

Building sustainable households/buildings/edifices

Promote the new green technologies for Buildings.

Help in curtailing pollution, reduce water wastage and energy consumption

Our Vision

Our vision is to providing & showcasing the new & sustainable products that required in construction, with having stakeholders from Building Industry such as Architects, Consultants & manufacturing companies connected through the online community on Econaur’s Platform. The Products/Materials that Econaur Showcase can be made from recyclable or non-recyclable process but their overall contribution is in decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing the energy & water consumption.

Why Econaur?

Econaur is focused on creating awareness and bringing together all the stakeholders together under one online platform. Econaur is India’s one and only online Green Building Aggregator platform providing assistance in green building construction. Econaur showcases all the sustainable and energy-efficient products and the technology used in green building construction. 

Our Recognition



Incubated by iStart, iStart Rajasthan is a flagship initiative by the Government of Rajasthan intended to foster innovation, create jobs and facilitate investment. The program aims to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship which would further help in the economic growth and development of the state. 

                                                                                                Member & Recognized by newly formed alliance of smart cities in India and connected with various smart city project managers across the country

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