The construction sector is bound to have a detrimental impact on the environment due to the resurgence in growth, which is attributed to the rapid technological advancements, need not be mentioned. With such problems there are countless companies that are determined to innovate products, technologies and services that help people to identify the environmental problems created by the construction sector and also find solutions for them. There are innumerous products that help in energy conservation, help reduce water wastage, decrease carbon emissions. Our company is focused on creating awareness and bringing together all the stakeholders together under one online platform. Econaur is India’s one and only online Green Building Aggregator platform providing assistance in green building construction. Econaur showcases all the sustainable and energy-efficient products and the technology used in green building construction


Since Green Building being an entirely new concept and less common among the people so there are misconceptions and myths related to it. To convince people to opt for sustainable construction was challenging. Lack of awareness among the people was the main cause, After looking into the above problems we realized what all was required is an umbrella platform where the manufacturers , consultants and common people can interact with each other and find their respective solution. This lead to the formation of Econaur, one stop solution for sustainable construction.