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EXCEL CoolCoat


EXCEL CoolCoat is a High SRI, ready to use, nano-technology based coating, when coated on the roofing materials, reflects sunlight to a greater extent and prevents the roofing materials from getting heated up, even during peak summer afternoons. Since it works on the principle of continuous rejection of IR rays, the roofing substrate itself doesnot get heated up. So the air below the roof never gets hot, keeping the room cool & comfortable. This protects the building for a longer period, extending the life of the buildings. 


  • Reflects 90% of sun’s Infrared rays.
  • Reduces Roof Heat Upto 20 C during peak summer
  • Your building remains cool even under intense sunlight conditions.
  • Your staff remain cool and maintain higher level of productivity.
  • Your humidification and air conditioning costs cut drastically upto 30%.
  • Complete green solution. helps reducing carbon footprints.
  • Eliminates the necessity for false ceiling.
  • More the sunlight, more will be the re-radiation.
  • Can be coated on any roofing material / side walls / pathways.
  • Prevents island effect. Reduces global warming
  • Resistant to water, fungus and mould.
  • Improves the efficiency of roof ventilators.
  • Low cost application & low maintenance.
  • Buildings & roofs looks brighter and new with all these advantages.

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