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Econaur intents to promote Sustainable product & technology required in Buildings and in Construction, So every week on Friday we feature a product which is working to make Buildings & Environment Sustainable.

Meet the Sustainable Product

About Product

"AIR FLOW" High-Efficiency Smoke / Heat Exhaust Vane Axial Fan (AFPVX Series) is ideal for safe smoke and heat extraction at less noise level in the various diverse application. It's high-efficiency vane design is ideal for high-temperature exhaust at relatively less noise level and our impeller comes with manually site adjustable pitch blade to give the wide range of air performance.

Problem & Solution Addressing

With the improvement of technology and science, improving quality in healthcare has become important.On average, a person inhales about 14,000 liters of air every day, and the presence of contaminants in this air can adversely affect people’s health. Ventilation and shading can help control indoor temperatures. Ventilation also helps remove or dilute indoor airborne pollutants coming from indoor sources.


AIR FLOW Vane Axial Fan are among the most Efficient & Silent Fan which helps in reducing overall installation & operational cost. Features: Highly Efficient Fan. Reduces Operating Cost. Meets Medium Pressure System Criteria. Reduces Construction & Design Cost. Statically & dynamically balanced. Factory tested prior to shipment.