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Econaur intents to promote Sustainable product & technology required in Buildings and in Construction, So every week on Friday we feature a product which is working to make Buildings & Environment  Sustainable

ekam eco

Meet the Sustainable Product

About Product

  • Surface CARE Enzymic Is A Natural, Organic, Non-Toxic Fully Degradable Deep Cleaner, Sanitizer And Odor Controller Surface Cleaning Solution.


  • De-Greasing, Cleaning And Odor Control Of All Hard Surface Finishes –
    Glass & Mirrors, Shiny Floor Surfaces, Polished Granite And Marble, Kitchen Bathroom Sinks, Bathroom Fixtures, Sink Drains, Deodorizer For Garbage And Domestic Waste Area


zerodor surface-care-enzymic

Problem & Solution Addressing

Provides Long-Lasting Cleaning & Odor Control

Degrades Residual Organics (E.G. Grease, Food Spills, Urine Etc) To Provide Continual Deep Cleaning Action.

Prevents The Growth Of Undesirable Disease-Causing Organisms.


  • Useful for hard surfaces: Floors, Glass & Mirrors, Kitchen & Bathroom sinks and Household fixtures.
  • Active microorganism based natural Degreaser, Cleaner and Odor Controller

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