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16th Nov to 22nd Nov ’18

Econaur intents to promote Sustainable product & technology required in Buildings and in Construction, So every week on Friday we feature a product which is working to make Buildings & Environment  Sustainable

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Sand free cement

Perlcon Sandfree cement is a unique cement based formulation developed specifically to overcome sand related problems like availability, quality, labour and time.Sandfree Plaster is a better alternative to gypsum plaster as it is damp proof, cement based and gives a crack free plaster surface, with quicker application.

Problem & Solution Addressing

Ever increasing demand for construction sand has caused rapid depletion of riverbeds and raised many environmental concerns.Conventional materials and methods of plastering are highly time consuming and involve more operations like procuring and sieving, which in turn lead to spillage and wastage.Sandfree  is a water repellant plaster for external applications which doesn’t require any water proofing treatment.

Features of Product

  • Crack free
  • Lasts long
  • Efflorescence free
  • Dry density: 1150 kg/cum (+/- 5 %)
  • Initial setting time: 90 – 120 mins
  • Final setting time: 200 – 260 mins
  • Coating thickness: 10 – 18 mm
  • Coverage*: 125 kg/100 sq.ft. (10 mm thick plaster)
  • Ideal for use at 27oC – 30oC

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