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Econaur is India’s first online Consultancy platform that provides one-stop solutions for green and energy-efficient buildings by providing materials, products, technology, and expert guidance.
Our aim of having a community of stakeholders, architects, consultants, and manufacturing companies is to provide all the support in making an Energy Efficient & Sustainable Structure, so under a single platform, anybody can understand and know what more can be achieved in sustainable development. We believe in working together, and no better way can be there to connect every member of the building industry at a single platform

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Features of Econaur


1st Integrated Platform

Provides & Showcases Exclusive Green Building Products That Makes Energy Efficient & Resource Efficient Buildings.


New Technology

Promote the new green technologies for Buildings.


Lowering Carbon Footprint

Help in curtailing pollution, reduce water wastage & energy consumption.


Comparison Analysis

Provides detailed Comparison Analysis of Non- Sustainable Products and Sustainable Products.



A Community Based Social Network


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Sustainable Products From Selected Partners

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Our Key Initiatives

Driving technology for leading brands

Our Certified Credentials

Government of Rajasthan Certified Startup
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Non-toxic and safe, Renewable, recycled or upcycled, Energy-efficient and Energy Star compliant, Good reputation in the industry, Personally tested by our company

Although you may be on a tight budget, there are creative ways to build a green home or office without compromising quality. We’re aware of the challenges and invite you to take advantage of our expertise in order to get the look and quality you want, at a price you can afford. We’ve done it with our own home and with hundreds of others — and we’re confident we can help you, too.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of eco-products and have chosen only the best ones. In order for a product to qualify for our store we:

personally test it or related product(s) in the same line, as consumers ourselves; we choose practical products that are easy to understand and that work well
get feedback from other builders and homeowners
visit job sites to see how these products are installed in the real world
procure MSDS sheets from manufacturers and study the fine print
attend trade shows, conferences and workshops to find the latest products
for many products, we visit manufacturing facilities to see how the products are really made

Right after choosing the Plan, the subscription will be activated and you can create your account with your credentials, econaur t am will reach out to guide on all process then.

As a rule, natural and non-toxic products (e.g. wood, bamboo, cork, wool carpet, natural linoleum, marble/granite/limestone/porcelain, natural finishes, etc.) tend to be our favorites. They are sometimes more expensive than other products initially, but that’s not the whole story.


Sustainable products tend to:

  • last longer
  • wear better
  • clean easier
  • smell better
  • create a pleasing, healthier environment for residents
  • be biodegradable


Non-sustainable products, on the other hand, tend to:

  • be short-lived
  • require more maintenance
  • exhibit toxic and foul smells for many months, with some out-gassing undetected for years
  • compromise the health of individuals and the environment
  • provide only short-term pleasure
  • sit in landfills almost forever

In the long run, the life-cycle costs of sustainable products are usually less expensive. Plus they bring greater satisfaction during installation and for generations of use.


Since 1991 we have supplied natural and non-toxic materials to countless homeowners and builders for new and remodeled homes and commercial buildings. Many of our clients forced us to find natural products that would compete in price with cheaper, unnatural products. This was a challenge, but we did it.

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