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Elite 100 Sustainable Product Companies

Elite 100

Product Companies

Sustainable Building products or the Green Building Materials are the products which can be made of Sustainable Materials or some are not made of Recyclable Content but their overall contribution is in saving the resources and making Energy Efficient Structures. So here we have identified the 100 Companies which are making different Sustainable Products all across in India, The list has information of the 100 Companies and their contribution is making the Building Sustainable

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

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KSB in India produces a comprehensive range of pumps from its modern facilities spread over six locations in India. Each facility is dedicated to the product line.


Founded in 1960, KSB is operating from Pune, Maharashtra.


Assisted in making more than 500 Green Buildings.


Products including Valve, Pump, Valve Actuator, Pump Automation, Valve Automation, Mixer, etc.



Asahi India Glass (AIS) is India’s leading integrated glass & windows solutions company. It provides end-to-end solutions to the customer, right from manufacturing, processing, fabrication and installation.


Founded in the year 1984, AIS is operating from Gurugram, Haryana and more than 4 states in India.


Assisted in making more than 500 Green Buildings.


Products including AIS Krystal, AIS Tinted Glass, AIS Ecosense, AIS Sunshield, AIS Securityplus, etc.


Danfoss Technologies is a solution provider committed towards making sectors such as infrastructure, food, energy and climate more energy efficient through solutions that are designed to help organizations achieve more through less.


Started in 1933, Danfoss is operating from Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India and various other countries around the world.


Founded by Mr. Mads Clausen, Danfoss has assisted in making more than 1000 Green Buildings.


Products include products for Power Solutions, Climate Solutions for Cooling and Heating, Drives, etc.

ekam eco


Visaka Industries Limited has emerged as a sustainable business enterprise. They have launched an Integrated Solar Roofing System called ATUM that serves all the functions of a traditional roof while generating energy for you.


Founded in 1981, Visaka Industries is operating from Secunderabad, Telangana and more than 6 states in India.


Founded by Dr. G Vivekanand, Visaka has assisted in making more than 500 Green Buildings.


Products include Vnext Board, Vnext Premium Plank, Vnext Panel, ATUM, ATUM Charge, etc.

ekam eco


Twiga is the leading manufacturer of glasswool insulation in India having world-class products for various applications of thermal and acoustic insulation and is the only Insulation product manufacturer in India offering ISI-marked products.


Commencing its operations in 1979, Twiga is operating from New Delhi.


They have assisted in making more than 250 Green Buildings.


Products include Twiga Insul, Twiga Uncured Glasswool Mat, Flexible Duct, Acoustic Board, etc.

Intsa Build


Everest has a rich history in the manufacturing of building materials for Roofing, cladding, ceiling , flooring and walls & Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings for industrial, commercial and residential sectors.


Made with environment friendly materials, Everest Boards and Panels are used in a wide range of applications such as claddings, ceilings, walls, facades, wall partitions, interior and exterior wall linings, prefab structures, drywalls and mezzanine floors. 


Incorporated in 1934, Everest is operating from Mumbai, Maharashtra and assisted in making more than 3000 Green Buildings.


Their products include Fiber Cement Roofing, Rooflight, EPDM Washers, Wall Solutions, Roof Tile Underlay, etc.



A pioneer in high-performance doors across the world and the No. 1 brand in Europe. They adopt cutting-edge German technology to design, build and supply doors for industrial, commercial and residential applications.


They have established themselves as one of India’s leading producers of hollow metal doors.


Established in 1994, Hormann is operating from Hyderabad, Telangana.


Assisted in making more than 250 Green Buildings.


Products include Fire Doors, Scientific Doors, High-Speed Doors, Clean Room Doors, Multi-purpose Doors, Glazed Fire Doors, etc.



HMX is a part of the A.T.E. Group, operating in diverse, but closely related businesses, with a thrust on sustainability. It designs and manufactures unique, energy efficient and eco-friendly products for space and process cooling, as well as process thermal heating.


HMX provides sustainable heating and cooling solutions to diverse industrial segments with an emphasis on reducing energy cost. HMX-Ambiator was the first innovative product that was launched, followed by the PCU-F, FAAC and Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) based solutions.


With Prashant Joshi as president in A.T. E. Enterprises and in business unit of HMX, they have installed base of more than 70 million cubic feet per minute all over India.


Their range of products pertaining to heating includes solar parabolic dish and Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC)



DRI is a global provider of products and systems for energy recovery, Indoor Air Quality , fresh air treatment, evaporative cooling, green buildings, dehumidification and pollution control.


Established in 1984 and currently operating from Gurugram.


Mr. Deepak Pahwa as Chairman of Pahwa Group & Director, DRI boasts of 45+ Sales in over 45 + countries.


They have some high quality products like Evaporative Cooling Pads, EcoFresh Heat Recovery Wheels, Treated Fresh Air Units, EcoDry Desiccant Dehumidifying Rotors, Energy Recovery Ventilators etc.



Forbo is a leading producer of floor coverings, building and construction adhesives, as well as power transmission and conveyor belt solutions.


Founded in 1928, Forbo is operating from New Delhi in India and various other countries around the world.


With Mr. Michael Schumacher as CEO, Forbo has assisted in making more than 1000 Green Buildings.


Products include Linoleum (Marmoleum) flooring, Vinyl flooring, Acoustic flooring, Safety Flooring, Flotex Flocked Carpet, Carpet Tiles, Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), Conductive Flooring, Transport Flooring and Entrance Mats.

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Superfan, India’s first super energy efficient BLDC ceiling fan that is remote controlled. This super efficiency fan combined with our eco-conscious manufacturing process and materials resulted in a  product that is sustainable for the nation and you.


Founded in the year 2012, Superfan is operating from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.


Assisted in making more than 250 Green Buildings.


Products including Super V1 Ceiling Fan, Super X1 Ceiling Fan, Super A1 Ceiling Fan, etc.


O2Cure have solutions for respiratory health issues like asthma, pollen, dust allergy and others. It aims to keep your offices, public areas, residences and other enclosed areas free of harmful air contaminants like particulate matter (P.M. 2.5), bacterial, gaseous compounds, etc.


Founded in 1989, O2Cure is operating from Gurugram, Haryana and more than 9 states in India.


With Mr. Kartik Singhal as Founder and Director, O2Cure has assisted in making more than 500 Green Buildings.


Products including Air Purifiers, Air Filters, Sterilizers, Air Quality Monitors, Coronavirus Killer, etc.



Magicrete is India’s frontline producer of AAC Products, Drymix Mortars & Precast Construction Solutions, which has turned over a new leaf in the construction industry. 


It was found in 2008 by a young and dynamic team comprising alumni of IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi & IIM Lucknow.


Magicrete has been a flag-bearer of modern construction technology that is being used in more than 2,00,000 homes.


Their specialties includes Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks, Green Building Materials, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panels, Thin Bed Mortar, Turnkey Precast Solutions, Tile Adhesive, Block Joining Mortar, Wall Putty, waterproofing, and waterproofing products.


Sourabh Bansal is the co- founder and Managing Director of Magicrete.


Lingel is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality doors & windows. Lingel is also the first one to introduce Smart Wifi operated windows. It has also introduced the LPG and LSB which are complete security window solutions.


Established in the year 1959, Lingel is operating from Bhiwadi, Rajasthan and more than 5 states in India.


With Dr. hc. Mario Schmidt as Managing Director, Lingel has assisted in making more than 500 Green Buildings.


Products including Cassette Awning, Skylight, Lingel Security Window, Window Sill, Inbuilt Grills, etc. 

Green Pro Drain Care Restroom


Envicare is an Organic Waste Management & Environmental Solutions Company. With its tagline of “ Let’s Work for an Environment “, they are providing sustainable solutions for daily waste generated in organizations.


Established in the year 2016, Envicare is operating from Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India and also in Latvia (Europe), Malaysia & Saudi Arabia.


Assisted in making more than 350 Green Buildings.


Products include Automatic Organic Waste Converter, Dewatering Composter, Automatic Composting Plant, etc.



BreatheEasy is India’s first full-service Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solution provider and has helped innumerable families, schools and Businesses in India in creating a healthy indoor environment. BE’s centralized solutions transform entire homes and buildings into fresh-air sanctuaries.


After working on the cause for close to 30 years now, BE is operating from New Delhi and Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.


With Mr. Barun Aggarwal as CEO, Breatheasy has assisted in making more than 250 Green Buildings.


Products include Air Purifiers, Car Air Purifier Filters, Automatic Sanitizer Dispensers, etc.


Kehems Technologies

Kehems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, professional Engineering Group that manufactures a comprehensive range of HVAC&R products in India.


Kehems began its journey as an engineering and contracting firm in the field of HVAC and Thermal Engineering.


They started operation in 1987 under the leadership of its former Managing Director, Mr. Deepak Kemkar.


Their products include Air Conditioning – Commercial and High End Industrial, Air / Water Cooled Screw Chillers, Commercial Hot Water System, and Thermal Energy Storage.


Kerovit by Kajaria

Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. has now entered bathroom spaces by launching an exclusive range of faucet & sanitary ware, made with finest of clay added with silica with international standards of manufacturing process of Mould making, Shuttle kiln, Tunnel Kiln, glazing pressure dye casting.


They follow the principle of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) which is a treatment process in which the plant discharges no liquid effluent into the surface waters, eliminating the environmental pollution.


Headquartered in New Delhi and Mr. Rishi Kajaria as Managing Director, Kerovit is doing marvelous work in their field.


Waaree Energies

Waaree Energies Ltd. is the flagship company of Waaree Group. It has India’s largest Solar panel manufacturing plants in Surat and Umbergaon in Gujarat.


Waaree is amongst the top players in India in Solar Panel Manufacturing, EPC Services, Project Development, Solar Water Pumps and also an Independent Power Producer. Waaree is the first solar company to be recognized as India’s Greatest brand.


Their specialties include Solar EPC, Solar Energy, Solar Utility Products, Solar modules, PV Modules, Renewable energy, Roof top solar, Solar Inverter, Lithium Ion Batteries, and Energy Storage Solutions.


Founded in 1989 with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Hitesh Chimanlal Doshi is the current Chairman & Managing Director.


Advance Valves

Advance Valves is one of India’s largest professionally managed industrial valves manufacturing group having established its position amongst the Top 3 Make in India Valve Manufacturers. It has been regularly supplying its products to the Oil and Gas, Refineries and Petrochemical, Power, Water, Fertilizer, Steel, and HVAC sectors.


Advance Valves has been a Pioneer & Innovator for its wide range of Valves like Dual Plate Check Valves, Balancing Valves, Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves & Valves with Pre-Insulation manufactured at its four fully equipped ultra-modern facilities in India. They have served more than 5000 clients so far.


Pranay Shanker Garg and Uma Shanker are the Managing Director and Chairman of Advance Valves respectively. Corporate office is located at Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


Humidity Technologies

Humidity Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a market leader in India offering highly efficient and reliable Humidifier to provide complete air treatment solutions for industrial applications.


They partner with Condair Group in India for the marketing of industrial humidifiers for various applications in Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Healthcare, Electronics, test Chambers etc.


They offer a wide range of Dehumidifier, Steam humidifiers including self-generating type as well as live steam humidifiers that are suitable for infusion of site available clean steam in supply air. They also offer Adiabatic humidifiers/coolers in evaporative and spray technologies.


Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and established in 2014, Humidity Technologies is led by Mr. Shridhar Gokhale.

perlcon sandfree


Aquatron is a Swedish solid-liquid separator that functions based on the momentum of flushing water, centrifugal force and Gravity. Aquatron-based STPs are free of sludge and septic smell.


It is operating since 1986, Aquatron is working from Hyderabad, Telangana in India, and in more than 8 countries worldwide.


With more than 30 years of worldwide experience, Aquatron has assisted in making more than 500 Green Buildings.


Their range of Products includes Aquatron Separator, Aquatron 90, Aquatron Ultimate (NZ), Aquatron Phosphorus Separator, etc.

zerodor kitchen drain care


Right from its inception in 1973, Airflow has been leading the manufacturing, exporting and importing Air Ventilation Products, Air Terminal Products, Air Distribution Products throughout this long duration of time.


With the vision to be the most respected and renowned brand in the HVAC industry, Airflow is operating from Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


Assisted in making more than 100 Green Buildings.


Products include Jet Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Air Distribution Products (Diffusers & Grilles), Fire Dampers, etc.

zerodor stain-care-non-enzymic


Ekam Eco focuses on developing Sustainable Technologies and Solutions to Conserve Water and convert waste into resource using natural means. It market products related to ecological Sanitation and sustainable living.


Founded in 2013, Ekam Eco Solutions is operating from Mumbai, Maharashtra; Ahmedabad, Gujarat with head office in Delhi in India and in Africa


With Mr. Uttam Banerjee as Co-founder and CEO, Ekam Eco has assisted in making more than 700 Green Buildings.


Products include Waterless Urinals, Care Natural Solutions, Natural Drain Cleaners, Portable Bio Toilets, etc.

zerodor restroom-care-natural-deep-cleaner


Perlcon Premix hails from the Amol Minechem lineage, (formerly Amol Dicalite Ltd), which was established in 1979 to produce Perlite Filteraid and Perlite products for the first time in India. Perlcon is a company symbolizing innovation and change.


Founded in 2011, Perlcon Premix is operating from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


With Mr. Shreyas Sheth as Chairman and Mr. Pratik Sheth as Director, Perlcon has assisted in making more than 250 Green Buildings.


Their Products include Ready Mix Plasters, Tile Adhesives, Block Jointing Mortars, Gypsum Plasters, etc.



Excel Coatings is a manufacturing, exporting and service providing company of Nano Technology based high performance coating products.


Established in the year 2007, Excel Coatings is operating from Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu.


With Mr. Vidhyaprakash MR as a sole proprietor, Excel Coatings has assisted in making more than 250 Green Buildings.


Products include Excel CoolCoat, Excel NanoSeal, Excel StayCool, Excel CoolTile, Excel InsulX, etc.

ekam eco


Vaayu India is the manufacturer of a unique air cooling system patented by the name Vaayu, a hybrid cooling technology popularly named Compressor Coolers.


Incorporated in the year 2015, Vaayu India is operating from Indore, Madhya Pradesh.


With Dr. Priyanka Mokshmar as Chairman and Managing Director, Vaayu has assisted in making more than 100 Green Buildings.


Their products include Vaayu UV-C Sanitization Device, Vaayu Hybrid Chiller, etc.



Koshish is an initiative by a team of young and dynamic professionals from Indian Institute of Technology on promoting sustainable energy solutions, sustainable agricultural practices, sustainable eco-friendly Products leading to irreversible human development.


With a cumulative experience of more than 10 years, Koshish is operating from Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


With Dr. Ratnesh Tiwari as Founder and CEO, Koshish has assisted in making more than 40 Green Buildings.


Products including Natural Cleaners, OlerTrap Flush Free & Odour Free Urinal Kit, etc.



Airveda presents India’s first accurate and app-enabled air quality monitor designed and manufactured in India for the Indian context. By simply using the monitor, one will help map real-time air quality data in our cities and enable effective policymaking around air pollution.


Founded in the year 2016, Airveda is operating from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.


With Ms. Namita Gupta as Founder, Airveda has assisted in making more than 100 Green Buildings.


Products include Indoor Air Quality Monitors, Outdoor Air Quality Monitors, etc.

Green Pro Odo Care Conc


Nature Care Solutions is proud to introduce itself as a manufacturer of Feminine Hygiene Equipments and are also a dealer and supplier of Sanitary Napkin Pads, Sanitary Napkin Bins, and Urinal Bio-Blocks.


Established in the year 2014, Nature Care is operating from Bangalore. 


Assisted in making more than 35 Green Buildings. 


Products include Automatic Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines, Waterfree Urinals, Waterless Urinals, etc.



Vinayak Industries is known for its good quality work. Their coating procedure is hassle-free and easy to apply which encourages no productivity or workability loss as it demands coating above the pre-structured Buildings.


Founded in the year 2012, Vinayak Industries is operating from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.


They have assisted in making more than 100 Green Buildings.


Products include Roof Coating Summer Seal, Crack Filler Waterproofing, Leak Guard Shed Waterproofing, etc.


Perma Construction Aids

Perma Construction Aids Pvt. Ltd. is a company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of Construction Chemicals.


They have a superior range of Tile Adhesive & Tile Grout which includes Integral waterproofing compound, range of Water proof coating in cementitious, Acrylic and in SBR latex, Tile fixing adhesives, Tile Joint Filler, Range of repair and rehabilitation products, Epoxy coatings & toppings, Grouts for machine foundation, Polypropylene fibre, Plaster, waterproof coatings, Swellable water stopper, Alkali resistant fibre glass mesh, Stone, Marble & Granite enhancer.


They boast of completing more than 200 projects. Perma Construction Aids Pvt. Ltd. started its operation in 1996 and based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

cydee street light


Panache is the pioneer in providing “Energy Efficient Protecting Building Envelope” with a range of innovative products, systems and services to deliver “Cool Buildings, Without AC”. Panache specializes in providing Cooling & Waterproofing of Roofs & Walls.


Founded in the year 2010, Panache is operating from Vadodara, Gujarat.


With Mr. Brijesh Tiwari as VP, Panache has assisted in making more than 250 Green Buildings.


Products include solutions for Solar Insulation, Thermal Insulation, Sealants, Waterproofing, etc.


Astral Pipes

Astral Pipes was established with the aim of manufacturing plumbing and drainage systems in India, later the company adds extra mileage to India’s developing real estate fraternity. 


Astral Pipes offers top-quality piping solutions for residential, commercial, agriculture and industrial applications with its widest range of plumbing & drainage systems, CPVC piping systems, column & pressure piping systems, conduit pipes and fittings, Insulation tube and Cables.


They were first to launch lead-free uPVC, lead- free uPVC column pipes and introduce CPVC piping system in India.


Sandeep Pravinbhai Engineer is the current Chairman & Managing Director.


It was established in 1996 and their Registered & Corporate Office located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

ekam eco


Austar HVLS fans are manufactured by Austar Technologies. Austar Technologies have a dedicated manufacturing facility for HVLS Fans of 20000 Square Feet Area and have manufacturing capacity of 200 Fans per month.


Started engineering business in 1997, Austar is operating from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


With Mr. Viraj Panchal as CEO, Austar has assisted in making more than 1000 Green Buildings.


Products including Fans for Museum, Fans for Big Temples, Fans for Manufacturing Industry, etc.

ekam eco


Ultrapure products are designed keeping in mind today’s air management Problems and therefore providing equally strong counter solutions, to help India breathe pure air and is recognised as a ‘Need-based Manufacturer’ in the industry.


Established in the year 1992, Ultrapure is operating from New Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Assisted in making more than 500 Green Buildings.


Products including AOP Pentagon, AOP Mini-Split, AOP Virushield, etc.


JROne Lifts

JROne Lifts PVT LTD is the manufacturer and supplier of elevators. JR One Lifts are the leading Elevator Manufacturers reckoned amongst leading companies for manufacturing and supplying a large range of Residential Lifts.


Their products ranges from Car lifts, green home lift, mini lift, residential lift, machine room less lift, capsule lift etc.


Incepted in the year 2005 and based in Hyderabad.



Roff, from the house of Pidilite Industries Ltd., is one of the leading tile adhesive companies in India. In 2004, Pidilite acquired Roff , the Construction Chemicals and Tile and Stone Fixing Solutions’ brand. Under the leadership of Pidilite, Roff now focuses on delivering a comprehensive range of Tile Fixing and Care, and Stone Fixing and Care products.


Roff also offers a wide array of products in the categories of Building Repair, Grouting Solutions, and Waterproofing and Sanitary Solutions. Today, it is one of the leading tile adhesive manufacturers in India. They introduced the concept of tile-on-tile application in India, with our ground-breaking Non-Skid Adhesive (NSA) solution. 


Roff was established in 1986, acquired in 2004 by Pidilite and it is based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Marmo Solutions started with an idea to provide the best stone solutions for the next generation and turned out to be an emerging leader in the market with the best and Eco-friendly chemicals and adhesives for the construction industry.


Founded in the year 2013, Marmo Solutions is operating from New Delhi.


Assisted in making more than 100 Green Buildings.


Products including Sealer & Protector, Hardener Paste, Cleaners & Shiners, Densifiers & Fillers, etc.


Eco365 brings you green products and services which can be implemented and followed easily. Their solution leads to a simpler, more self-sufficient way of living.


They are a well recognized name in the field of Manufacturing of Water Saving Components, Plaster Mesh, Anti Pollution Mask, etc.


Established in the year 2010, Eco365 is operating from Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Assisted in making more than 1000 Green Buildings.


Products including Water Saving Aerators, Water Saving Taps, Neo Water Flow Restrictors, etc.


Vista Furnishings

Vista is one of the leading brands in India for high quality window blinds making sustainable products, laminate flooring and awning.


They have grown from their initial startup focused on trading window-covering products to a diversified conglomerate with interests in Window Fashions, Floor Fashions and Technical Textiles.


They offer an extensive and beautiful range of roller blinds, zebra blinds cellular blinds, Roman blinds, 3 shade blinds, wooden blinds, motorized blinds and many more. 


Their registered office is located at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh and it was established in 1986.


Polybond Insulation  are leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Mineral/Rock/Stone Wool Thermal Insulation products in India.


Established in the year 1995, Polybond is operating from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh and more than 4 states in India.


Assisted in making more than 50 Green Buildings.


Products including Polybond Lightly Resin Bonded Mattress, Building Rolls, Resin Bonded Slabs, etc.


Kangaru Polymers was established by a group of technocrats having a field experience of more than 20+ years in the Construction Chemical Industry.

Established in the year 2007, Kangaru Polymers is operating from Pune, Maharashtra.


Assisted in making more than 100 Green Buildings.


Products including Kanproof, Kanfabric, Kanstrech, Kankool, Kanfill, etc.


Daily Dump is a leader in composting products that are designed to change mindsets around waste and the ease of doing composting in India. It provides a commercial compost ‘pit’ that you can have at your home. It helps families convert their wet waste into eco-friendly compost.


Started in 2006, Daily Dump is operating from Bangalore, Karnataka.


With Ms. Poonam Bir Kasturi as Founder, Daily Dump has assisted in making more than 250 Green Buildings.


Products including Gardening products, Zero Waste products, Starter Kits, Composting Accessories, etc.


InRain Construction

InRain is a water and environment Management Company with a vision to protect the nature’s blessings. It is specialized in manufacturing and providing solutions related to new Generation Rain Water Harvesting Technologies. 


Founded in the year 2017, InRain is operating from New Delhi.


Assisted in making more than 350 Green Buildings.


Products including Pressure Regulator Valve, GeoTextile, EPDM Liner, Self Cleaning Mesh Filter System, etc.


Ecoair Cooling Systems

Ecoair is a leading manufacturer of Cooling & Ventilation Systems for Industrial, Agricultural & Commercial applications with a range of innovative products like Evaporative Air Cooling, etc. It provides end to end solutions for complete HVAC systems.


Established in the year 2011, Ecoair is operating from Pune, Maharashtra.


With Mr. Sandeep Jaisinghani as Founder & Director, Ecoair has assisted in making more than 250 Green Buildings.


Products including HVLS Fan, Evaporative Air Cooler, Air CIrculator, Ceiling Mounted Ventilation Fan, etc.


Water Tree

Water tree is a design & build start-up to provide rainwater harvesting & sustainable water management solutions for the residential, commercial, industrial, institutional developments.


Whether its just roof top rain water harvesting or a detailed zero water balanced projects, they provide end to end solutions starting from Design, Costing, Project management & Execution.


Founded in the year 2019, Watertree is operating from Chennai, Tamilnadu.


Their services include Roof – Top Rainwater Harvesting, Percolation Pit, Retention Pond, Aquifer Borewell.



Edgetech specializes in manufacturing super advanced Next Gen Air Handling Units.


The Systems are made to Offer complete comprehensive solutions to all the modern challenges of space, noise and energy, with all the advanced features that are required in a smart and intelligent AHU and is perfect fit for any modern smart building.


Founders of Edgetech are  Mr. RP Goel and his son Mr. Amit Goel and it was established in 2005.


They have 11000+ finished projects and 1700+ VRF projects in their basket.


Rainway Filters

Rain Filter Industries manufactures an innovative RWH Filter, which is First Rainwater Harvesting Filter with self cleaning and auto First-Flush technology which works based on gravity force.


They have also produced an innovative product to multiply the life of your entire plumbing system, expensive fixtures, water based applications such as geysers and drinking water filters, washing machines and reduce their maintenance expenses.


Their range of products include RAINWAY 75, RAINWAY 160, RAINWAY 90, RAINWAY 200, RAINWAY 110.


Rainmax Filters

Rainmax – a unique brand of effective, affordable and easy-to-use rooftop rainwater harvesting filter. Rainmax operates under the umbrella brand of UrbanEcology which offers consultancy services in sustainable architecture, earth-based building, and urban farming.


They have worked on more than 500 rainwater harvesting products.


It was founded in 2016 and its Headquarter is located at Hyderabad, Telangana.


Their products include Rainmax Simplex, Rainmax Filter.



Watertec is a premium bath fittings and accessories brand that is best known for durability, functional elegance and best in class technology.


Watertec offers a comprehensive range of products comprising Bath fittings, Sanitaryware, Floor drain, and Pipes & fittings.


It was established in 1997 at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.


Watertec is headed by the CEO, Mr. Bantwal Ramesh Baliga who has done remarkable work in this industry.


Xylem Pumps

Xylem is a leading water technology company committed to “solving water” by creating innovative and smart technology solutions to meet the world’s water, wastewater and energy needs.


Xylem is the world leader in tough, portable and reliable pumps for multiple applications.


Their products include Commercial Pool Pumps, Split Case & Double Suction Pumps, Positive Displacement Pumps, Wet Rotor Circulators, Rothenberger Vacuum Pump etc. 


Established in 2011, Xylem India has its Technology Centre and manufacturing facility in Baroda.



City Lift is one of the most trusted names in tech-enabled elevator systems in India. 


City Lifts (India) Limited designs and manufactures elevator systems. The Company offers elevators, escalators and moving walks, and car parking systems.


City lift was established in 1985 and they have installed 2500 elevators till date.


It was Established in 1985 and their Chief Managing Director is V. Rajagopalan.



Jolly Board is India’s largest construction board manufacturer and exporter. The company produces a wide range of Softboards.


The product range manufactured includes Specialized Building materials,Cement Fiber Board, Bitumen Impregnated Softboard, Plain Softboard, Laminated Softboard, Painted Softboard in various thickness and multiple surface textures and also offers products like non-combustible and acoustical ceiling tiles.


Arjun Jolly is the joint Managing Director and owner/promoter of a diversified conglomerate of the Jolly Group of companies.


They have completed 21 International projects and 21 domestic projects so far. 



HIL formerly known as Hyderabad Industries Limited is a flagship company of the CK Birla Group. Green practices are built into every facet of HIL’s operations including raw materials, processing, energy and end products. 


HIL has 5 major brands- Charminar, Birla Aerocon, Charminar Fortune, Birla HIL, and recently acquired German flooring brand, Parador.


Their specialties include Roofing Solutions, UPVC & CPVC Pipes and Fittings, Sandwich Panels, AAC Blocks, Mezzanine floors, and Prefabricated structures.


Established in 1946 and headquartered at Hyderabad , Telangana. Mr. Dhirup Roy Choudhary is the MD and CEO.


Neo Thermal Insulation

Neo Thermal Insulation is the renowned manufacturer of thermal insulation materials in India. 


They provide insulation services for diverse sectors like Warehouses, Manufacturing Industries, Commercial, Domestics, Apartments, Malls, Fitness Training Centers, etc. They are the first in India to introduce a 7 layer air bubble insulation.


Their services include roof thermal insulation, complete building insulation, ceiling insulation, floor insulation.


Neo Thermal Insulation Company is headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan, established in 2007 and Amit Sharma as Founder and CEO.


Anagha Engineers

Anagha Engineers is a manufacturer, importer, distributor & supplier of adhesive foam spray sealant in India. 


It was founded in 2014, Headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra and completed more than 250 projects so far. 


Their products include Foam spray sealant, Adhesive, Acrylic sealant, Polyurethane ( PU) sealant, Silicone sealants, MS / Hybrid sealant.

Need to reduce the impact of Cost on Quality of Construction


Cosmo Speciality Chemicals

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals Private Limited (CSCPL) is a subsidiary of Cosmo First Limited. It is a one stop solution for a range of textile chemicals, Adhesives, Masterbatches and Coating Chemicals. 


Cosmo Speciality Chemicals today has become a leading player in the textile auxiliary market with more than 60 innovative products in their portfolio and promote sustainable chemistry by producing eco-friendly products and solutions .


It was Established in 2020, Headquartered in New Delhi with ASHOK JAIPURIA as Chairman & Managing Director and PANKAJ PODDAR as Chairman & CEO.


Adhesives division offers a versatile range of adhesives like water-based adhesives, PU Based adhesives and Solvent based Adhesive.


Amarama Engineers

Amarama Engineers has grown into an eminent leader in the manufacture, exporter, supplier & trader and wholesale of an extensive range of super-fine quality Industrial Valves. These products find wide application in Paint, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and other similar industries.


These products are ergonomically designed and fabricated by our highly skilled and qualified team of professionals.


Some of their well known products are Breather Valves, Pressure Safety Relief Valves, Sampling Valves, Sight Flow Indicators, Strainers etc.


It was established in 1988 under the leadership of Mr. Shree A. Jaisinghani.



Brightech Valves & Controls Private Limited” are a leading Manufacturer, Wholesaler Trader and Supplier of a wide range of Safety Relief Valve, Control Valves and Pressure Control Valve. They began their journey in 2000.


They provide Safety Relief Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Pressure Reducing & Desuperheating Station, Pressure Control Valves, Industrial Gas Regulator, Pneumatic / Motorized Control Valve, Automatic Control Valves that are manufactured and widely applied in the field of a various kinds of industries.


Brightech has been a pioneer in India for instrumentation valve needs with being the first and only Indian company. 


Its Head Office is located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

cydee street light


Reliable Building Solutions design and build fully insulated, energy saving, weather and disaster resistant buildings. 


They are the leaders and revolutionaries in waterproof, green building constructions and leading manufacturer of a wide range of Roof Insulation, Architectural Mouldings, Thermal Insulation, etc., headed by an IIT Kanpur alumnus.


It was founded in 2015, Reliable Building Solutions is operating from Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


Assisted in making more than 100 Green Buildings.


Products include Kooltile, a patented product, Koolsheet, External Wall Insulation, etc.


Orient Bell

Orient Bell is India’s leading tiles brand offering a range of designer floor & wall tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, ceramic & vitrified tiles.


Orient Bell is a research driven company; having filed patents for four unique technologies namely Forever Tiles, Germ Free Tiles, Cool Tiles , Life Tiles which are sustainable tiles.


Headquartered in New Delhi and Established in 1977, their specialities include Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Digital Tiles, Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, and Roof Tiles.


Aditya Gupta is the current Chief Executive Officer.


Marvel Lifestyle

Marvel has established itself in the window fashion industry. They are one of the largest production houses of window covering industry which is producing about 810 components of different type, size and colors.


Marvel has carved a niche by combination of innovation, quality, technology and experience. They are the 1st ever Indian Company to be ISO 9001:2000 certified in window covering products.


Specializing in Roller/Roman Blinds, Luzon Blinds, Wooden Venetian Blinds, Grayson Blinds, Eton Blinds, Patricia Blinds, Aric Blinds, Colby Blinds, Meliso Blinds, Dorren Blinds, Sierra Blinds, Vertical blinds, Bamboo Blinds, Curtain Rods, Automation and Tracks with the State of Art technology creating its presence globally.


It was established in 1996; their registered office located at Jamnagar, Gujarat and Mr. Ashok R. Paun is the current Chairman and Managing Director of the Company.


Cleantech Water

Cleantech Water is a water and waste water management company that works as a solution provider in waste water treatment with a focus on sewage treatment plants and undertakes projects for individuals, residential areas, industries and infrastructure facilities.


Cleantech Water offers decentralized waste water treatment solutions such as Sewage Treatment Plant, Grey Water Treatment Plant as well as regular water treatment solutions such as Industrial, Ultrafiltration Water Treatment, Reverse Osmosis Plant etc.


The company’s area of interest is to de-centralize the treatment of domestic waste water and to ensure that it can be used again for domestic purposes. The company has worked with many govt. bodies and private companies.


They are based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and it was established in 2013 completing 150 projects so far.


Era Hydro Biotech Energy

Era Hydro- Biotech Energy is Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter, Service Provider and Trader, engaged in offering a wide range of Water, Biogas and Solar Treatment Plants. They are leading Manufacture and Service provider of Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Water Softener Plant, Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant, and Biogas Plant, Annual Maintenance Contract Service for STP / ETP and Energy Conservation Services.


The range offered includes Waste Water Treatment Plants, Rain Water Harvesting Systems, Sewage Treatment Plants, Biogas Plants, Water Treatment Plant and Solar Thermal Plant (Approved by B.A.R.C.).


They also provide Water and Energy Conservation & AMC Services. These services include Eco-Friendly Development Services, Facility Management Services and Renewable Energy Utilization Services. 


The company is based in Pune, Maharashtra and established in 2006.


T-FIT Insulation

T-FIT Insulation, a subsidiary of Zotefoams, is the leading high-quality, high-performance, long-lasting complete insulation solution. T-FIT is made using Zotefoams unique patented three-stage manufacturing process which uses pure nitrogen as a foaming agent to create a premium closed cell foam.


The high-grade PVDF polymer, unique manufacturing process and closed cell structure removes the need for an over-jacket and creates a clean, inherently bacteria-free material.


Their Specialties include Technical Insulation, Clean Room Insulation, aseptic insulation, food process insulation, industrial insulation, personal care insulation, process insulation, tube insulation, pipe insulation, fibre free insulation, flexible insulation, hot process insulation, and steam pipe insulation.


Its office is located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


EcoTech Solutions

EcoTech Solutions is a destination to solution, for all water heating problems. They have become the most trusted manufacturer firm of Heat Pump, Solar Water Heater, Electric Water Heaters. EcoTech Solutions focuses on providing energy-efficient and environmental-friendly solutions.


EcoTech Heat Pump Water Heaters are engineered to use renewable heat sources from the ambient air to heat water. EcoTech Heat Pump is a heat recovery system that generates hot water, chilled water or a combination of hot and chilled water at one energy cost.


EcoTech Heat Pumps applications ranges from Domestic water heating, Commercial water heating, Industrial water heating, Swimming Pool Heating, High temperature water heating, Boiler pre feed, Tobacco and tea drying, Fruits and vegetable dehydration, Papad Drying, Hot Air Printing driers.


They are based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat and established in 2013. Asheesh Jha is the current CEO at EcoTech Solutions.


Chillmax Technologies

Chillmax Technologies is one of the leading Industrial cooling systems manufacturers, temperature control equipment manufacturers and leading Industrial chiller maintenance & repairing service provider in India.


Famously known as water chiller manufacturers, heat siphon makers, oil chiller makers, glycol chiller makers & packaged water chiller manufacturers in India. 


Their product ranges from industrial water chillers, brine chiller, oil chillers, glycol chiller, heat pumps, panel air conditioning systems, air blast oil coolers and special purpose cooling equipment.


They have taken an initiative to address heat generation problem in industries and are a prominent manufacturers & suppliers of Industrial cooling systems.


They are based out of Bangalore, Karnataka.


Loom Solar

Loom Solar is a manufacturer of solar panels and Lithium batteries. It is present in 500 districts across India having 3500 resellers, 100 employees, 2 offices and 1 Manufacturing unit. They are India’s no. 1 Mono panel manufacturer.


Its specialties include Solar Panels, Solar Battery, On grid solar systems, Off grid solar systems, AC Module, Lithium Battery, Solar Battery, Mono Panel, MPPT Charge Controller, AC Module, and rooftop solar.


It is based out of Faridabad, Haryana and started their journey in 2018.


Mahindra Solarize

Mahindra Solarize is a major solar company in India, offering modern solar power solutions to Industries, Businesses and Homes with the best quality solar panels, solar water pumps and other products accelerating accessibility of clean energy to the masses, thereby fulfilling the goal to promote green technology and sustainable solutions in Renewable Energy, through innovations in photovoltaic solar panels.


As of today, they have installed 8702 solar water pumps and served 161 clients.


They established in 2021 and based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Mr. Rakesh Singh is the current CEO and Executive Director of Mahindra Solarize.


ORB Energy

Orb Energy is a vertically integrated solar energy solutions provider and they provides a range of solar energy solutions (solar electricity and solar water heating) They are unique in offering an in-house credit facility for SMEs.


Their specialties include Rooftop Solar Solutions, Solar Home Lighting Solutions, Solar Water Heating Solutions, Solar PV and Thermal Solutions for Commercial Applications, Solar Security Lighting and Street Lighting Solutions, Solar Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Solutions, Renewable Energy.


Orb Energy was founded by Damian Miller and NP Ramesh in 2006 and Head-quartered in Bangalore, Karnataka.



SolarMaxx is a fully integrated Solar solutions provider with in-house manufacturing of globally certified Solar PV Panels and Solar Hot Water systems.


The SolarMaxx solar water heating systems are built around the revolutionary Evacuated Vacuum tubes technology. 


SolarMaxx offers solar products ranging from Solar PV Modules, Solar Water Heating, and Solar Lighting to Solar Power Solutions. They are the the first to introduce ETC based Solar Water Heating in Rajasthan.


Established in 2008 and based in Jaipur, Rajasthan.



KOHLER was founded in 1873 and is headquartered in Wisconsin, USA.


KOHLER INDIA has been present in India and is diversified in many business and service lines such as Kitchen & Bath, Kohler Power, India Technical Center (ITC) etc.


Kohler India Corporation Private Limited Is Manufacturer & Supplier Of Kitchen & Bathroom Fittings & Accessories, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kohler Co. USA.


It set its foot on Indian soil in the year 2006 in New Delhi. It boasts a wide range of products which includes Wash basin, Commode, Faucets, Shower, Sanitary ware, Seat covers, Kitchen taps and many more bathroom products. K. David Kohler is the current CEO of Kohler.


Toto India

Toto was founded by founder Kazuchika Okura who created a brand that successfully mass- produced Japan’s first hygienic ceramic toilet which was established in 1917 and headquartered in Fukuoka, Japan.


TOTO made its way to Indian market in 2011 with its first manufacturing facility established in 2014 in Vadodara, Gujarat. Headquartered in Mumbai the brand is present through strategic distribution channels across major metro cities along with its flagship showroom in Delhi.


TOTO offers a wide range of products with the exquisite craftsmanship like the NEOREST Series, FLOTATION TUB, WASHLET, ECOWASHER, CP Fittings, washbasins, showers, bathtubs, and public area products to users who are looking for an end-to-end bathroom solution.



Euronics is supplier of a unique range of washroom automation products. They are the largest selling public washroom automation accessory brand in India with a significant presence across the IT sector, hospitality, commercial building, airports, industries and retail space.


Their specialties include Washroom Automation Products, Industrial Solutions and Commercial Flooring Solutions. Euronics is a preferred brand to almost every fortune 500 companies & leading Indian corporation.


Euronics was founded in 2002 and their head office is located at Gurugram, Haryana. At present, Viknesh Jain is CEO of Euronics Industries Private Limited.


Sloan India

Sloan is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems and has been in operation since 1906. Headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois, company provides sustainable restroom solutions by manufacturing water and energy-efficient products such as flushometers, electronic faucets, sink systems, soap dispensing systems and vitreous china fixtures for commercial, industrial and institutional markets worldwide.


Sloan’s vitreous china HETs and HEUs, as well as gravity toilets, are now listed under IAPMO’s new Green Certification Program. Their specialties include Commercial Plumbing, Building Material, Flushometer, and Public Restroom.


Based in Gurugram, Haryana and established in 2016.


MYK Laticrete

MYK LATICRETE is a joint venture between Laticrete International, USA and the MYK Group, India. MYK LATICRETE provides with the widest range of adhesives, grouts, waterproofing, stone care products and wall putty.


They have worked marvelously in this field with more than 25 projects that include some of the major projects such as Tanzanian Embassy New Delhi, Collectorate Building, Indore.


Their product ranges from Screed, Waterproofing, Grouts, Stone Care Products, LataFinish, Wall Putty, Plaster, Tile Adhesives, and Enhancers & Sealers.


MYK Laticrete is based in Hyderabad, Telangana and established in year 2000 and Murali Yadama is the current Managing Director of MYK Laticrete.



Aerofoam Insulation Division is one of the six main business lines of Hira Industries L.L.C., being specialized in the manufacturing of Polyolefin and Rubber insulation. Aerofoam XLPE represents one of the finest ranges of premium polyethylene foam.


Their ranges of product include Aerofoam Insulation such as NBR Rolls & Sheets, XLPE Rolls & Sheets, XLPE Clad, XLPE Tubes, NBR Tubes and NBR Clad.


Hira Industries LLC was formed in 1980, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Mr. Ramesh Hira.


EarthFokus manufactures water tap attachments by utilizing the highest quality materials such as EcoBrass.


EcoBrass is an alloy which is significantly durable and corrosion resistant to the chemicals found in water.


Earthfokus’ dual mode water savers are ideal for homes and kitchens as mist mode (apt for hand washes) can save upto 95% of water and shower mode (apt for washing vegetables, vessels, etc) can save upto 85%.


Based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, started in 2017 and Arun Subramanian is the Managing Director and Founder of EarthFokus.


RNG Performance Material

RNG Performance Materials is a manufacturer of top quality High Temperature Fabrics, Fire Safety PPE and Fire Blankets.


Their products include Fiberglass Fabrics, Aluminized Fiberglass, High Silica Fabrics, Silicone Coated Fiberglass, Welding Blankets, Fire Blankets, Ceramic Fire Blankets, Fire Proof Covers, Fire Proximity Suits and High Temperature Insulation.


Based in Vadodara, Gujarat and established in 2011.


ACME Air Curtains

ACME Environment Control Systems are the Manufacturer and Exporter of Commercial Air Curtain, Industrial Air Curtain and High Efficiency Air Curtains with Side Mounted FLP And Non FLP Motors.


The air curtains are aerodynamically designed air blowers used for generating a laminar stream of air with sufficient quantity (cfm) and speeds (velocity) to offer the desired environment protection through open doorways / service hatches.


It was established in the year 1990 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Bio Mali

A flagship product of NetelEco, BioMali is a range of automatic organic waste converters (AOWC) that process wet waste using a rapid 24-hr composting cycle. BioMali converts food waste into Soil Enricher where the output is reduced to just 10 – 15 % of the volume of the input waste.


BioMali is available in daily processing capacities ranging from 10 kg (for small residential clusters) to 1500 kg (for municipalities and institutions).


Its specialties include solid waste management company, organic waste converter, biogas plants manufacturers, Bio Methanization plants, Bio Methanization plants, municipal waste treatment, food waste composting machines, sanitary napkin vending machines, and sanitary pad disposal machines.


It is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Galaxy Energy Solutions

Galaxy Energy Solutions, is an organisation that intends to bring to India products that are energy efficient and environmental friendly.


Galaxy Energy Solutions brings HYDROMX, a nano-technology based product that results in energy savings for use in closed loop hydronic systems in a range of applications by up to 35%.


It is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan and founded in 2015.



Furaat, a design lead company, engaged in providing rainwater harvesting solutions. It was setup by entrepreneur brothers Habil and Yusufi Attarwala.


The solutions are in the form of precast modular system that can adapt itself to various site conditions and are highly reliable and efficient.


They are based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and came into existence in year 2004.


Kingspan Jindal

Kingspan Jindal is a Joint Venture company of Kingspan and Jindal Mectec Pvt. Ltd., the world’s and India’s largest sandwich panel manufacturers.


Kingspan Jindal has become India’s leading Insulated sandwich panel manufacturer and Architectural building envelope solution provider.


Their specialties include puf panel, rockwool panel, cold storage, cold room, industrial buildings, clean rooms, cold rooms, warehouse, metro depot, commercial buildings, retail outlets, double skin metal sandwich panel, food parks, and pharma industry.


They are based in Gurugram, Haryana and Payounidhi Tamotia is the current President.


Vyara Tiles

Vyara Tiles Pvt. Ltd. is a Surat based market leading company, successfully offering flooring solutions for both interiors and exteriors since 1968 in the Western Region of India. VYARA is one of the largest manufacturer of paving and other concrete materials in India.


The range of products at Vyara includes, Interlocking Concrete Pavers, Concrete Flags, Vacuum wetpressed Kerbs, Wet cast pavers, Landscaping tiles, Specialty Terrazzo Tiles, Industrial heavy duty tiles, Exposed Pebble Tiles, tiles for Treads and Risers, etc.


They are based in Surat, Gujarat and Mehul Jain is the current CEO of Vyara Tiles.


Providing Economical Green and Economical Solutions for the purpose of Rural Development and waste management. Also, the company is engaged in the manufacturing and fabrication of chemical pressure vessels and equipment and paper mill machinery.


Established in the year 2011, SK Engineers is operating from Valsad, Gujarat.


Assisted in making more than 100 Green Buildings.


Products including Briquetting Lever Press, Briquetting Hydraulic Jack, etc.


Octagreen Nano is one of the leading solution provider in Specialized Coatings. Octagreen nano is tied up with innovation center for applied nanotechnology (i-can nano) in India.


Operating in Kochi, Kerala and Bengaluru, Karnataka.


Founded by Mr. Prathish Menon and assisted in making more than 500 Green Buildings.


Products include Aura Superior Exterior Emulsion, Ultra Guard Waterproof Emulsion, etc.


Owens Corning

Owens Corning is a world leader and global company in Insulation and Roofing systems and composite solutions, delivering a broad range of high-quality products and services. 


Owens Cornings products range from insulation, roofing shingles used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, to glass composite materials used in transportation, electronics, marine, wind energy. Products such as FOAMULAR, Fiberglass Insulation, Roofing Shingles, Advantex, Chopped Strand Mat, Silentex etc.


Company founded in 1938 and established its business in India in 1998. Corporate office in India is located at Mumbai, Maharashtra.


IntelliGreen Technologies

IntelliGreen has been providing comprehensive indoor air purification and air & surface sterilization solution that can eliminate the Gaseous Contaminants, Viruses, Bacteria, Pathogen, can keep the AC duct clean, and eliminate the Sick Building Syndrome. Except for improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) only, they focus to Improve Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ).


Self-sustainable system, automated air purification systems with HVAC, Automated After Sales Service Portal, IoT based PPM alerts are some of the recent features that we have introduced in our comprehensive solution.


Their specialties include Indoor Air Purification, Air Quality Monitoring , Air & Surface Sterilization, Deodorization, STP/WTP, and IoT.


They are based in Gurugram, Haryana and Gaurav S. is the current Managing Director.



Bantair India Private Limited” are Manufacturer And Service Provider   of extensive Rainwater Harvesting Filter, Rain Water Harvesting System, Rainwater Harvesting Service, Wastewater Management Services, Wastewater Treatment Service, Water Treatment Service, Rainwater Harvesting Consultants, etc.


 They are developed to an integrated enterprise for rainwater harvesting system and provide one-stop service from rainwater harvesting plan, design, technology and construction.


Their Specialties include Scientific Rainwater Harvesting, Wastewater Treatment, and Pond Development etc.


Mr Jitender Sangwan is the Founder of Bantair India Pvt. Ltd. The company established in the year of 2016 and based in Gurugram, Haryana.


Kanchan Ply

Kanchan Ply under the company Vidya Ply & Board Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of panel products such as Marine Plywood, Decorative Plywood, Doors, MR And BWR Plywood and Densified Film Faced Plywood that stand high in terms of durability and finish. Known for quality rich plywood variants, we have a superior infrastructure that is equipped with new age technology and cutting edge facilities.


Their products ranges from Flush door, Designer laminated door, decorative plywood, Block board, Desified film face plywood and many more.


With Strong commitment Kanchan Ply has established itself as a one of the finest and strongest brand in the Plywood industry.


Mr. Ankit Singhal is the current Director of the company. Company’s Head office is located at Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh and established in 1987.


India Gypsum

India Gypsum Pvt. Ltd. is a professional ceilings & partition material company. India Gypsum Pvt. Ltd provides you the best range of metal channels, false ceiling & designer false ceiling with effective & timely delivery.


They are a leading company of gypsum products with a product mix including Plasterboards, Ceiling Tiles (PVC laminated / Mineral Fibre), Dry Wall Screw, P.O.P, Glass Fiber Tape, Metal Ceiling Tiles, Jointing Compound, T-Grid system, GI Suspended Ceiling & Partition System.


They are a Eco-Green company and sensitive towards environment.


Their office is located at Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Acro Paints

Acro Paints Ltd. is one of the leading multi-product company in Paint industry and deal in different divisions, that is, Decorative, Construction Chemicals, Textures, Designer Finishes and Specialized paints. Acro Paints Limited manufactures a wide range of Architectural paints, High-performance paints, and Specialized coatings.


The range includes Silicon acrylic emulsions, Acrylic emulsions for interiors and exteriors, a range of Italian Designer Finishes, World-Class Textured Wall Finishes, Premium Cement paints, a range of High performance and Specialized coatings, world standard Construction chemicals, Waterproofing systems, Concrete additives, admixtures and much more.


Acro Paints is a pioneer of high-performance Textured Wall Finishes in the country. Acro Textures are the Latest of Japanese and European range of wall finishes.


Mr. Charan Jeet Kumar Gaind is the current Managing Director of Acro Paints. The company is based in Gurugram, Haryana.


Magneto Cleantech

Magneto Cleantech is a core member of the Magneto Group of companies. Magneto CleanTech is a leading provider of advanced technologies for improving Indoor Air Quality to an unparalleled benchmark, ensuring health, safety and sustainability. 


Magneto© designs, engineers and manufactures revolutionary central air-purification solutions powered by next generation technologies that eliminate nanoscopic microbes and pollutants, including PM 2.5, PM 1.0, bacteria, and even viruses from the air.


Patented technology and global certifications, Magneto© solutions integrate with any air conditioning system, delivering certified complete clean air for all indoor spaces.


Magneto Cleantech incepted in 1980 and began operation in 2017 in India and their head office is located at New Delhi.


Mr. Himanshu Agarwal is the Founder and CEO and Mr. Bhanu Agarwal is the Co-founder of Magneto Cleantech.


Featherlite Buildcon

Featherlite Buildcon Private Limited is a prominent firm that is involved in Manufacturing and Retailing supreme quality range of Solid AAC Block and Lightweight AAC Block. They are a leading manufacturer of Fly Ash Blocks, Solid Fly Ash Wall Block, Lightweight Pest Resistance Fly Ash Block, Gray Lightweight Fly Ash Block, Solid Fly Ash Block and Lightweight Fire Resistant Fly Ash Block.


Featherlite Fly Ash Blocks are  light weight, thermal and sound insulation, mold resistance, strong, and easy to handle. Fly Ash blocks consist of around 80% air, this aerated materials processed through autoclaving which entails high pressurized curing of aerated materials formed in cellular shapes, which are known as AAC elements.


Jaydeep Dhanuka, Mukesh Agarwal and Kuldeep Dhanuka are the Managing Director of the company.


Featherlite Buildcon started its journey in 2015 and is located in Siliguri, West Bengal.


Venjara Carpets

Venjara pioneers the market for superior quality carpets , rugs , wooden floor & other artificial flooring products. They are one of the leading players in the carpets, vinyl, wood & artificial turf importers, wholesalers and retailers.


They also have one of the largest collections in hand-knotted, tufted & handloom carpets displayed at our flagship store at Babulnath, Mumbai. 


Their entire range of floor coverings consists of Wall-to-Wall Carpets, Carpet Tiles, Rugs & Dhurries, Wooden Floorings, Vinyl Floorings & Artificial Grass to meet every budget & range without sacrificing on the quality aspect which are made using traditional skills of artisans from states like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh etc. 


Their head office is located at Mumbai, Maharashtra and started in 1961.



Syska LED offers a wide range of international quality LED lighting solutions, for varied applications providing effective and energy-efficient lighting in any environment from residential and retail, to commercial and industrial applications.


Almost all products are UL certified bearing LM 79 test report. Syska LED bulbs use the new technology of thermal-plastic management that give the bulbs a longer life with excellent lighting quality. Syska LED is a market leader and provides numerous lighting solutions. Syska LED currently holds over 40 patents for lighting solutions.  


Mr. Rajesh Uttamchandani is the Director of SSK Group (Syska). Syska launched in India in 2013, corporate office located at Pune, Maharashtra.


Lune Tiles

Lune Tiles have successfully emerged as a manufacturer of high-quality Roof and Thermal Tiles. They are in the business of manufacturing, exporting, and supplying the best quality Cool roof tiles. 


Their list of tiles comprises Solar Reflectance Index Tiles, Thermal Tiles,  Solar Reflective Tiles, Cool Roof Tiles, lat Terrace Tiles, Weathering Tile, Waterproof Tiles For Terrace, Terrace Heat Reduce Tiles, Roof Heat Control Tiles, etc. 


Our cool roof tiles are 100% eco-friendly, suitable for roof gardening, and known for their easy maintenance. 


Under the headship of Mr. Bharathidasan Raju (Marketing Director), the company has achieved many heights of success in a short time. Lune Tiles is established in 2012 and it is a Chennai, Tamil Nadu based company.



Floresta is a 100% Wood Polymer Composite board (WPC) product made from quality raw materials using European technology. Furniture made with it is as close to the actual wood furniture as can be possible.


Floresta is a superior quality product. WPC stands for composite panels made from a combination of fine quality polymer with wood dust and lubricants along with other chemicals.


It can withstand heavy pressure and can be pierced with nails and screws and  looks like wood but also works like wood. It is founded in 2017 and based in New Delhi.



Fenesta is India’s largest windows and doors brand. Fenesta has designed uPVC and System Aluminium Windows and Doors that are able to withstand India’s extreme climate. Their high performance products add an architectural dimension to the home and keep out street noise, dust and pollution, rain and wind.


Fenesta is the only company in India that manufactures its own uPVC blend and profiles. The PVC resins are sourced in-house from another division of DCM Shriram and are sent to the extrusion plant in Kota for manufacturing of a weather resistant special uPVC blend.


Mr. Prabhu Chaudhary is the owner of Fenesta Windows. Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana.


"The sequences of the Product Companies is random and every Product Companies has contributed effectively in every project irrespective of their experience in Sustainability. Here the number does not represent the Rank, all Product Companies mentioned here are Elite."

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