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Sustainable Material Guide


Econaur, an startup for green building solutions is launching Sustainable Material Guide during the last week of December 2023 during event 2023, we are requesting all the sustainable product companies to participate and support in India’s first green building material guide

Objective of Sustainable Material Guide

The objective of the Sustainable Material Guide is to launch and support all sustainable product companies in showcasing their solutions along with that support to get Green Building certification and in Energy Conservation Building code complainces, The guide will be a handy tool for architects, consultants, government and private agencies.

Kindly support in the mission you will get following benefits with the guide – collaboration with econaur, getting inquiries and leads from the project inquiries of econaur.

How to Register

If you are a sustainable product company and you are interested in participating in the Sustainable Material Guide, please fill the Following form

Econaur is requesting sustainable product companies to support their mission by participating in the Sustainable Material Guide. By participating, companies will receive the following benefits:


Collaboration with Econaur


Inquiries and leads from Econaur's project inquiries


Recognition in Sustainability Domain

Why is this important?

Green building is becoming increasingly important, as we become more aware of the need to protect the environment. Sustainable building materials play a vital role in green building, and they can help to reduce energy consumption, water waste, and pollution.

The Sustainable Material Guide will be a valuable resource for architects, consultants, government and private agencies who are interested in using sustainable building materials in their projects. The guide will provide information on a wide range of sustainable building materials, including their properties, benefits, and applications.

By participating in the Sustainable Material Guide, sustainable product companies can help to promote the use of green building materials and make a positive impact on the environment.

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