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Terms for Econaur Sustainability Awards 2021

General Applications Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in ECONAUR Sustainability Awards 2021. This page provides General Applications Guidelines for your application. Please read each section carefully and sign where directed on your online nomination that you have read and have complied with these directives. These guidelines are a must-read for your nomination.

Purpose of the Econaur Sustainability Awards 2021

Econaur aims to recognize those noteworthy innovators in the building industry in India, who have taken some major steps to save the environment by utilizing sustainable green building practices. Any individual consultant or organization who has completed any live project before 31st July 2021 or any inventor of sustainable products or innovative clean technologies in any of the categories mentioned below is eligible to participate in the awards. ECONAUR places high regard and value on recognizing and honoring those who have made significant and memorable contributions to the Institute and to the project management profession. You can honor superior performance when you nominate excellent projects & innovations.


Econaur Sustainability Awards 2021 is organized to felicitate the Organizations/Individuals working for Sustainable/Green Buildings. All the project that is submitted for the award should be completed before 31st July 2021, in completed-idea stage project is not applicable for the award.

Any Individual, Facility Manager, Organization, or any Sustainable Product Innovator/maker can apply for the awards in the five Mentioned Categories of Awards such as Building Envelope, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Management, Water Management & Waste Management in Product as well as Product Sub-Category.

Number of Awards

  • There will be One winner & One Runner up in each category for product & as well as projects.
  • ECONAUR reserves the right not to select any winners for a particular year if the evaluations performed indicate that nominations do not meet the stated criteria and award rigor.
  • For additional information, refer to each individual award’s guidelines posted on the specific award page.


  • Specific criteria are outlined in each award Application.
  • Nominations must address all of the criteria elements.
  • For additional information, refer to each individual award guidelines posted on the specific award page.


The “Call for Applications” begins on 1st September 2021. The deadline to submit nominations is 30th September 2021, no application will be accepted after that.


  • There must be one designated Lead Nominator with whom Econaur team will communicate regarding the nomination.
  • Lead Participant’s responsibilities:
    • Must have knowledge of the nominated project or nominee and the project details applied.
    • Must document any direct personal or professional relationship of the lead nominator to the nominated project or nominee.
    • Must ensure the application is complete at the time of nomination.
    • Must review the specific eligibility, restrictions, and content outlined on each award document.


  • Applications must be submitted online and received no later than the due date shown under “Deadline”. Application will not be accepted after the nomination deadline.
  • All submitted material must be in English.
  • Any additional documentation in alternate media formats, such as multimedia, will not be evaluated.
  • For additional information reach out to us at community@

Fee Structure

  • There is no fee to submit a application for Econaur Sustainability Awards 2021.
  • Econaur will not reimburse any expenses for assembling the application or for any presentation materials that may need to be created should the nomination be selected as a winner.

Verification, Evaluation, and Selection

  • The Econaur Staff will contact the Lead participant to confirm receipt and eligibility of the application.
  • The Econaur Staff will verify the applications eligibility.
  • The Econaur Staff will send the application to a designated panel of evaluators, who are subject matter experts, for evaluation.
  • The nominations, evaluation process, and scores are proprietary to Econaur and will not be disclosed to participants.
  • The Lead Participant will be notified of the status of the application at the conclusion of the evaluation process.
  • Selection and communication of application status must take place no later than 5th October 2021

Presentation of the Award

  • The Econaur Sustainability Awards 2021 are presented at the Virtual Platform on 8th October 2021.
  • The award finalists/winners will be presented a trophy. No cash awards are offered.
  • Econaur reserves the right within its sole discretion, and at any time up to the time of the presentation of the award, to determine that a nominee is or has become ineligible for the award. In any such case, Econaur will notify the participant and/or lead participant of its decision as soon as possible prior to the award presentation.
  • Econaur reserves the right to rescind the award if it is discovered that any information submitted as false or misleading.
  • The award winner will be publicized through Econaur communication channels and external media after the presentation of the award. A winner may also coordinate additional publicity with Econaur after the presentation event.
  • Econaur may use submitted copyrighted materials for any business-related purpose, including press releases, and other marketing and promotional materials, including but not limited to videos as well as case studies.


Thank you for your interest and support of the Econaur Sustainability Awards 2021.

  • Please direct all inquiries, comments, and/or feedback to community@
  • Web site address: www.econaur.com
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