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Are your housekeeping supplies COVID safe?

I had a call with Mr. Ajay Ostwala, Head of administration and infrastructure of a big financial firm.

This firm is running a sustainable sanitation drive successfully for the past few years. The entire organisation is a true believer of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Almost 20 odd branches have established the Waterless Urinal Programme.
So the conversation took a turn to finally asking me the hesitant question,

“Do you certify the products you supply are COVID SAFE?”

I simply replied Sir, The COVID Safe certifications are good but it is not necessary to be certified as far as you know there is a surfactant sufficient enough in the cleaning products, especially the general cleaning, floor cleaning and toilet cleaning products. If they have a sufficient amount of proper cleaning agents with surfactants then the only thing to be followed is

“apply cleaner with surfactants brush the surfaces thoroughly and leave it to work for minimum 3-5 minutes on the surfaces before rinsing them.”

Once we mention in our MSDS the amounts of surfactants it is COVID SAFE with proper application procedures.

“The cleaning and disinfection by any chemical or disinfectant is a momentary situation, especially on urinal pans and toilet pans as we flush immediately after cleaning.”

What is COVID-19 – it’s a type of coronavirus we haven’t seen in humans before. Coronaviruses are actually a big virus family, and some of them cause types of what we call the common cold. SARS-CoV-2 is a particular member of this family that’s causing this outbreak.

I recommend using minimal amounts of bacteria/virus killer chemicals like Ethanol alcohol, Hydrogen peroxide, Isopropyl alcohol, Quaternary Ammonium, Sodium hypochlorite. As it may decontaminate the surfaces in toilets fr that instance but in their further life cycle also kill good bacteria. What one may consider doing is instead of pre-COVID cleaning cycles try to increase no of cleaning cycles with organic and biodegradable surfactant-based cleaners so the probability of infection goes down, still maintaining the ecological balance.


  1. YES our products have sufficient amount of cleaners and surfactants
  2. All our ingredients are organic and biodegradable
  3. and hence do not disturb sewage degradation processes in its lifecycle rather support them.
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