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Econaur took an intiative towards awaring people about the recent floods in Kerala, its causes and how can we prevent such happenings in the future. Presenting a series of causes and measures of the Man-made floods faced by the Kerala people. DAY 6 Kerala floods, the worst floods in a century, were man-made and it is due to lack of coordination between the Power Minister, the Water Resource Ministers and the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB).
This monsoon, Kerala received 41.44 per cent more rains and all the dams were opened without proper analysis or impact studies. In Kerala, the dams are managed either by the KSEB or the Water Resources Ministry. The worst affected districts due to the floods were Idukki, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha and Wayanad which have the maximum number of dams.
If the events running up to the calamity are taken into account, it raises one crucial question to which the Left government is unable to find answers. Did the government overlook the crucial standard operating procedures while letting out waters from the 33 odd dams in the state, and more importantly, could the impact of the floods have been lessened to a great extent if these procedures had been followed.
This is a man-made disaster in Kerala. This has happened only because the dams were opened without issuing the right warning at the right time. The Kerala government had no assessment of the impact beforehand. No clear evacuation plan was put in place. The state is completely responsible for this calamity. The Power Minister, the Water Resource Ministers and the Kerala State Electricity Board can implement engineering controls and safety management systems to reduce the risk of failure.
At Econaur we provide sustainable products that are required in construction. The Products/Materials that Econaur Showcase are made from recyclable or non-recyclable process but their overall contribution is in decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing the energy & water consumption
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