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Make this Diwali, Green-Wali by following eco friendly ways

The festival of light and delight is finally here and everyone is in high spirits to celebrate Diwali. Every year, this festival is celebrated with great zeal and excitement by one and all. However, many people think that it is perfectly alright to turn this celebration into the festivities of pollution and misuse of resources. 

Diwali is not about making the world a more polluted place, it is about celebrating the arrival of Lord Rama after his glorious victory against Lanka king Ravana.

  1. Instead of opting for electric lights this Diwali, you can go for handmade earthen diyas. It is not just a heartfelt gesture but also a great way to celebrate the festival in an eco-friendly way.
  2. Use dried leaves and flower petals to make a rangoli. It is a biodegradable way to create a festive design and very cost-effective as well.
  3. Avoid using crackers altogether if you can. For a cleaner and greener future we need to stay away from crackers altogether, but if you still want to go ahead with it then you can opt for green crackers.
  4. Instead of plastic decorations, choose either paper decor or you can even opt for bamboo decor. 
  5. This festive season, you must opt for handmade paper wraps for your gifts instead of plastic wraps. It is one of the most eco-friendly ways to celebrate Diwali.
  6. Always make sure that you recycle the items that you can. If you have old candles lying around or old decorations in the house, then don’t shy away from using them.
  7. If you are hosting a Diwali bash this season, then instead of plastic plates and other cutlery, use biodegradable things instead. It will make a huge difference.
  8. Diwali means Diwali cleaning, so make sure you dispose of the waste in an eco-friendly way.

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