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KiTEC’s Floor Trap meets international standards, serving as a wastewater connector and a safety measure against harmful gases. The design ensures a liquid seal of 50-65 mm, providing protection against sewer gas while maintaining a self-scouring effect. Suitable for all drainage installations, including “Single Stack” and “One-Pipe Fully Vented Systems.” The trap’s height is adjustable, making it versatile for various installations, and it can be used for suspended installation with a 110 mm uPVC socketed extension pipe.

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As is our philosophy to offer technically correct products to the customer, KiTEC has developed a Floor Trap that meets all the requirements of international standards. Based on our research and interaction with experts it was realized that apart from connecting the wastewater to drain line the trap also acts as a safety measure to avoid harmful gases toenter the room. the design is based on the principle that the trap shall have a liquid seal of not less than 50 mm and not more than 65 mm. The water seal that forms the trap barrier is the maximum vertical depth of liquid that a trap will retain. It is measured between the crown weir and the top of the dip of the trap. A water seal of not less than 50 mm and not more than 65 mm was found to be the optimum depth to provide the necessary protection against sewer gas and still provide the self-scouring effect needed to keep the trap from fouling. Atrap with less than 50 mm of seal depth offers less resistance to self-siphonage and more readily loses its seal by evaporation. Obviously the greater the seal depth, the opposite is proportionately true. The product is suitable for use on all types of drainage installations including “Single Stack” and “One-Pipe Fully Vented Systems”.

The height of the Trap can be reduced up to 20 mm (if required for the sunken floor) by cutting the grating tail piece.

Can be used for suspended installation using a 110 mm uPVC socketed extension pipe.


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