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Deforestation and sand mining lead to destructive floods in Kerala

Kerala faced the brunt of an unprecedented flood, which has almost brought the state to a standstill. Deforestation plays many roles in the flooding equation because trees prevent sediment runoffs and forests hold more water than farms or grasslands. The flood equation is simple. If a river cannot handle the load of water it is required to carry, it will rise above its banks. This is when floods occur.
This is how a single tree can actually help in reducing the effects of flooding. First ,some rainwater stays on the leaves and evaporates into the atmosphere. Second, its leaves reduce the impact of raindrops on the soil, which causes less soil erosion. Third, its roots absorb water from the soil, making the soil drier so it can absorb more rainwater, and finally the roots of the tree hold the soil in place, reducing the movement of sediment which can reduce the capacity of the river downstream from breaking its banks. The release of sediment due to deforestation has a bigger impact on floods. The eroded sediment will not only choke rivers but will also cause mud flow that is much more destructive than normal flood water.
To reverse the damage that has been done due to deforestation, grow more trees. Recycle the products made from paper, plastic and glass that you use, such as shopping bags, bottles, books, etc. Also, buy products that are recycled. Farmers should make use of environment savvy techniques like crop rotation. Crop rotation involves using the same piece of land to grow two different kinds of crops, instead of growing the same in two different pieces of land. This saves land plus makes it more fertile too, lessening the need to convert forest land into farmland.
Whether it is food to eat, oxygen to breathe or beauty to see, humans derive all these things and pleasures from trees and forests. That’s why preventing deforestation and saving the environment is necessary. Saving trees means lesser catastrophes and lesser pollution, both of which are beneficial for the survival of the human race. Ultimately, it is individual human effort and an undeterred strive to change things on part of each one of us, that will yield the desired results in this direction! At Econaur we provide sustainable products that are required in construction. The Products/Materials that Econaur Showcase are made from recyclable or non-recyclable process but their overall contribution is in decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing the energy & water consumption
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