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Pollution lead to horrifying floods in Kerala

Although the sky appears limitless on a clear day, our atmosphere is actually a thin envelope surrounding the Earth, we would suffocate much like a fish out of the water, air pollution isn’t just bad for your health. It can have drastic effects on weather and climate.
The rains have stopped, the water is receding. The southern Indian state grappling with the worst floods it has faced this century. Wading in slush and garbage swept in by unprecedented monsoon rains since late July, people are slowly returning to their ravaged, snake-infested homes. Where did this soot come from? Soot is a type of pollutant called black carbon, which is produced by burning biomass or fossil fuels. When these fuels are burned, the process can release byproducts like carbon monoxide and very fine particles of black carbon. The black carbon particles are suspended in the atmosphere as an aerosol, which we call soot. Black carbon as soot affects climate and temperature by absorbing the sun’s radiation before it gets to the earth. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this can mean increasing temperatures, faster melting of snow and ice, and changes in clouds.
When you save energy, whether it is at home, at work, or while you are traveling, you will be reducing air polluting particulates as well as carbon emissions that pollute the air. When purchasing household products for your home and your yard, opt for the cleanest and greenest products that don’t contain any harmful polluting chemicals. Trees have the unique ability to clean the air of gaseous pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and ozone, as well as particulate pollutants . Except being natural air filters, trees also improve our mood and cool down the temperature by a few degrees, which makes them a great substitute for energy demanding and polluting air conditioners. At Econaur we provide sustainable products that are required in construction. The Products/Materials that Econaur Showcase are made from recyclable or non-recyclable process but their overall contribution is in decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing the energy & water consumption
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