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Featured Sustainable Story – KSAMAH : A Eco-Enterprise working on providing Sustainable Solutions for our daily life !

During the Econaur Green Marathon, we are presenting the Sustainable Brand Story of Ksamah

It’s not about saving the planet, it’s about saving ourselves – a very beautiful and apt saying by Sir David Attenborough.

Eco-friendly products startup – KSAMAH finds it so apt and true, that it is us humans who need to be saved – because we are selfish and with that selfishness, we bring harm to Earth’s life cycles and other living beings on Earth.

“Your work fills a large part of your life, and I Pragati Dhanuka (Co-Founder) is truly satisfied to be a part of KSAMAH at this juncture of my life” says Pragati.

Let’s give Earth the last chance it deserves.

Let single-use Plastics go!

Pragati states “My eco-conscious journey began with following the Recycle – Reduce waste ways of my family for many years and also with following my brother who was associated with the Save Aarey Movement of Mumbai City. Being an introvert and a private person – I loved being at sea, and beaches, watching waves was my medicine. It used to give me peace. But through the past years, Mumbai’s beaches are like walking through plastic bags & plastic bottles. I then thought of empowering my life in its second innings – also giving Earth a last chance it deserves with this sustainable start-up KSAMAH (pronounced as sha-ma-h), which is derived from a Sanskrit word – means ‘Pure as God’. Its idea is to aid each and every citizen of the world to do their small bit to prevent #EarthCrisis”.


People face issues when they want to change their lifestyle to a more eco-friendly one with respect to the following: –

a) They don’t get alternatives easily.

b) Alternatives are dull & not well made. They are not designed properly, not well researched.

KSAMAH gives you a choice to be environmentally conscious in well-designed – environment theme-based products which are the best green, easy and viable options for people. To adopt and return back to a lifestyle that was practiced by our elders, to take care of one’s health as well as the Planet is what we want us, humans, to do.

With generating interest, inspiring people as also to make a natural product not look boring, to encourage buyers to consume sensibly, we at KSAMAH make people aware about the endangered species of animals – on our product we have added short notes on the website and we add the same notes along with the products in our shipping. This we feel is one extra step (even from a utility perspective).

Ksamah’s Initiatives & Offering
KSAMAH products are premium in nature to ensure their acceptance. At KSAMAH, we have launched sustainable BOXES (Office Ecological Boxes, Home Boxes, and Travel Boxes) wherein one shot you get a chance to reduce Carbon Footprint to approx. 50%. We also sell curated gift boxes wherein we not only can reduce our carbon footprint further – but we gift health to our loved ones and the Planet as well.

Ksamah’s Green Grow Box was launched after many trials carried by their own selves in past full year, looking at the need for urban leafs and vegetable gardening adoption – the ever-increasing need for more and more people to connect to the environment in a hassle-free growing kit, especially to lighten the boredom in the safety of their homes during these unprecedented covid times. Our green grow box offers incredible health and culinary benefits as you are growing your own organic food. Also tending to plants and watching them grow provides a unique experience of happiness with nature around you. The pot variable is Reusable and with a practical size option which helps the veggies to grow well and helps also in long run as an eco yet practical solution.

They have also eliminated plastic in our packaging in every way possible.

Lockdown times helped them to enhance and research by attending webinars on being increasingly conscious of the materials used in packaging, also changes to packaging too can limit the overall environmental impact.

KSAMAH is offering 20 % discount by applying coupon code – greenmarathon21 on all its product while ordering at www.ksamah.com

Ksamah team says, “We learnt to use Water-activated tape made with paper, we love our sealing tape options. Adopting Paper Tapes was our necessary change to go eco-friendly.
Our Shipping Boxes in all styles, sizes https://ksamah.com/that go out our doors are customised to maximum eco-norms and make for an incredible unboxing experience”.

We Congratulate the Ksamah team for taking this initiative and working for Sustainability.

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