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Things you must know about the Econaur Learning Academy

About Econaur Learning Academy

The Econaur learning academy is a learning initiative by Prakriti group which aims to bridge the gap between sustainability and building industry. The initiative draws its inspiration from an experience of Econaur in the Green Buildings, being India’s First Integrated Platform for Green Buildings our Objective is to educate more people about Sustainable Buildings & Future Technology in Buildings with our Experienced Partners from Industry.

Courses in the platform are pre-recorded video lectures that can be watched on a schedule or at your convenience. Other materials include discussion forums ,verified content  and quizzes.

ELA to partner with companies such as Ekam Eco , nature care solutions Danfoss and 75 + companies to bring students and architects classes on green building related problems .  In fact, ELA classes are taught by our partners and green building professionals . 

Globally, there has been a tremendous increase in career opportunities for Sustainability professionals. Globally, 70% of organizations have permanently placed sustainability on their management agendas. 78% of businesses said environmental and sustainability knowledge would grow in importance as a hiring factor in the next five years.

Our learning solutions have been developed for students & professionals to gain hands-on experience on best industry practices associated with Sustainability, Architecture, Building Performance, Energy Efficiency, Planning, Engineering, Research, Technology, Design and more.

2.What kinds of courses does ELA offer?

ELA ‘s education offerings run the gamut, from sustainability courses like energy efficiency, water efficiency, ECBC and many more to workforce upskilling your sustainability knowledge. With the help of ELA’s courses you can know the various types of practices , techniques and products which will help you to enhance your knowledge and make your future more sustainable.

ELA‘s education offerings
Enroll in ELA’s courses

3.How much do ELA courses cost?

You can enroll in ELA’s courses free of cost if you have a green card and you purchase a green card .Although you can also enroll in the particular course by paying a reliable amount of the course.

4.Why should you choose ELA ?

ELA is dedicated to making a sustainable future with the help of green building solutions. If you want to enhance your knowledge towards green building and sustainable solutions ,if you want to live in a sustainable cost efficient building with a good air quality. You should join ELA and motivate us towards our mission

Econaur Learning Academy
Econaur Learning Academy Features

5.What kinds of features does ELA provide?


  1. You will learn from the best in the sustainable industry.
  2. You can start the course any time.
  3. Access of our eco library
  4. Provides expertise of the industry’
  5. Verified content with quiz and assignments’
  6. E- Certificates is also given after completion of the course
  7. Live interactive sessions with the chat support

6.How to enroll for ELA courses ?

You can enroll in our sample courses for free and if you like our work then you can purchase a green card. The green card provide you various types of feature and the course

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