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Renovation vs. New : Which Is More Eco Friendly Building ?

At Prakriti Group, we believe in offering solutions that promote a greener future within the property industry. In the current era, it has never been more important for us all to play a part in combatting the ongoing climate crisis. Climate change is a real problem and there are several ways in which we, as a society, contribute with our day-to-day actions. How we live plays a core role in the impact we leave on the planet. An eco-friendly approach will not only help save the planet, but also helps you save money, reduce maintenance work, improve indoor health, and increase a property’s value. As the saying goes, a green home is a happy home.

TK Property Group is a UK specialist in residential property investments. Working with some of the world’s leading development companies, TK helps bring to life some of the most creative and luxury residential properties. At the heart of their goal is spearheading modern luxury living that prioritizes eco-friendly features. With experience in both renovated property and new build properties, TK Property has a good understanding of which type of home is best for the environment.

In this article, TK Property Group will examine the benefits of renovating a property versus building a property from scratch, and how they correlate to an environmentally friendly approach.

Why Does Eco-Friendly Matter in Property?

Eco-Friendly Property

As briefly mentioned above, climate change is a very real threat that affects us all. At the recent UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, world leaders came together to discuss how countries can solve the climate crisis. Presidents and prime ministers alike acknowledged that much greater action was needed to achieve the goal of limiting global warming. Nearly 200 countries agreed on a deal on measures that will be taken to prevent the worst effects of climate change. Greenhouse gases are believed to be the main contributor to the climate crisis. These gases are formed in various ways, including burning fossil fuels such as oil and gas, chopping down trees, producing cement, planting crops, and rearing animals.

However, it also pays off to be efficient In terms of property, we spend a lot of our time at home or at work. Many of our daily activities require the use of energy sources that can contribute to climate change. There are several reasons why we should act in an eco-friendly manner. The first thing to note is that it’s the right thing to do in a moral sense, for ourselves and future generations.

how we use water and energy. Prices are increasing year by year and with efficient measures in place, we can save money. Governments are committing to eco-friendly policies which means more bills for certain people, such as those who drive or use a lot of water. An eco-friendly home will also increase the property’s value, create an indoor environment free of harmful substances, and require less maintenance. Whether building or renovating a property, it’s never been more important than now to consider environmentally friendly functionality.

Is a Renovated or New Building Property Better?

So now we come to the big question. Is a renovated property better for the environment or a new build property? Both types of property has its own benefits and the answer to which is better for the environment depends on several factors.

Renovating a property is usually seen as the cheaper option, but compared to a new build, it can be a complex process with unforeseen challenges. Constructing a property from scratch is often easier, more straightforward, and will remove the likelihood of unexpected problems down the line. However, renovated property is considered to be the more climate-friendly option as it usually offers a lower carbon impact. Perhaps most importantly, renovations don’t produce waste as much as new build construction. With less extraction and transport of materials, fewer greenhouse gases are emitted. Newly built properties have more demolition waste and generally require the use of more materials. In some cases, projects may require trees and other greenery to be demolished to allow construction to take place.

With all of that said, a lot of new build properties these days are built with eco-friendly features in mind to prevent a climate crisis. The all-new Fifty5ive development in Manchester, for example, manages to combine contemporary living with an eco-friendly design. New build properties can include elements like cavity wall foam, solar panels, and double-glazing windows. Smart energy meters may also be installed, providing residents with awareness of their usage and greater control. It may be possible for a renovated property to include these features depending on the house itself and the specific situation.

Ultimately, there is no definitive answer to whether renovating a property is better for the environment or if a new build house is. The answer can depend on several factors including the current site, what work is required, what materials are needed, and so on. But in summary, it’s fair to say that renovation currently edges out. The reduced use of materials and waste production is perhaps the current key element that portrays renovated property as a more eco-friendly approach.

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