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4 out of 5
  • Internal, external
  • Low water/cement ratio
  • Mechanical performances superior to those of Portland cement
  • High dimensional stability and long-lasting performance
  • Prolonged workability both in the manual and mechanical laying
  • Suitable for laying ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stone, hardwood floors and resilient materials using adhesive


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Products Specification

MARMO CEM is a certified, eco-friendly, hydraulic, normal-setting and rapid-drying mineral binder for high-performance screeds and heat-radiant slabs, ideal for use in Green Building. With very low volatile organic compound emissions. Recyclable as an inert material at the end of its life. MarmoCem, mixed with inert materials of assorted grain size from 0 to 8 mm, creates screeds of high dimensional stability and constant moisture stability, guaranteeing the rapid, safe laying of ceramic tiles after 24 hours and hardwood floors after just 5 days.


  • Category: Inorganic mineral products
  •  Preparation of the substrates
  • Rating: Eco 2
  • Very low VOC emissions
  • Can be recycled as an inert material

Technical Specification

  • Appearance Mixture of binders
  • Apparent Volumetric Mass = 0,96 kg/dm³ UEStc/CSTB 2435S helf Life = 12 months in the original packaging in dry environment
  • Pack 20 kg bags
  • Dosages:
    (a)Laying ceramic Tiles = 160 kg/m³ sand 0-8 mm EN 13139 – DIN 1045-2:A/B
    (b)Laying Hardwood floors = 200 kg/m³ sand 0-8 mm EN 13139 – DIN 1045-2: A/B
    Pot life ≥ 3h
  • Temperature range for From +5° C to +35°C application Foot traffic= 8 h
    Waiting time before laying
    ( thickness 5cm )
    Ceramic Tiles = 24 h
    Wood effect tiles = 5 days
  • Coverage = 2 – 2.5 kg/m² per cm of thickness


Marmoleum can be applied in a practical and safe manner, following the traditional phases required to produce cement-based screeds: i.e. preparation of level belts, casting and compacting the paste, levelling and final smoothing with a float or by mechanical means. The compacting phase is particularly important to ensure the highest levels of mechanical performance. The finishing of the screed, carried out by moistening it with water and using a rotating steel disk, can result in the creation of a surface crust that is not very absorbent and will extend the drying time of the screed and worsen the performance of the adhesive. At the point where tubing is installed, where the thickness of the screed might be finer (minimum 2 cm), it is necessary to insert a tight-mesh, galvanized metal reinforcement grid (2/3 cm). At the point corresponding with day joints caused by interruption of the work process, it is necessary to make a connection between the two castings, inserting iron rod bolts of ≈ 50 cm length and 5 Ø with a distance of approximately 20/30 cm between one rod and the next, or a section of electro-welded mesh (Ø 5 mm, 20×20 cm mesh size) and applying to the wall of the casting, before continuation of the work, a slurry key prepared with 2.5 parts of MarmoCem, 1 part of eco-friendly, water-based Marmo Latex 47/ ammo SBR-47 and 1 part water.

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