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Showcase of Sustainable Feature Products

*Friday Showcase is a Initiative by ECONAUR to promote the Products which are sustainable and save our resources & does not harm the environment. The products may be made of recyclable materials or not but their overall contribution should be in preserving our natural sources, decreasing the energy & Water consumption & also lower down the Carbon gas emission.

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Our team will finalize the best sustainable products from the received entries and feature the product for Friday Showcase.​


Econaur intents to feature & showcase the best required sustainable product that can sustain the environment. For every featured product our team is determined & focused to promote exclusively on various digital platforms for entire week, to reach to maximum people and make them aware about the product and make the Product identity within them. Product will be exclusive displayed on the front page of Econaur site for one week till the next showcase


Econaur has build a community of Professionals working in the construction industry such as Architects, MEP Consultants, Environment Impact Assessment Consultants & various other consultants, The featured product and the relevant information is shared with the community and they also help in reaching out to more people, new building owners and support in creating the awareness about the product. Also they give the relevant advice & feedback regarding the product.

Even if you want to share any information or post anything related to green building, new sustainable products or about the environment then also we give you a community section where you can share anything related. We too share regular content in our Blog section about new technologies, construction products and news about green building.

Reach to prospective customers

Econaur team also support and promote the feature product so that can be reached to prospective clients. Econaur has database of various undergoing projects, builders and other associations. Our team try to reach to customers through mailing, social media and presenting the video graphics to recent undergoing projects presenting the advantage of using the sustainable product.
We’ve done it with our own buildings and with hundreds of others — and we’re confident we can help you. Many of our clients forced us to find natural products that would compete in price with cheaper, unnatural products. This was a challenge, but we did it.
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Sustainable Material Guide


Sustainable Material Guide
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