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India Naval Services Initiative- Organic Waste Management.

On January the 10, 2020, with the environmental initiatives from INS Chilka, and technical collaboration with Ekam Eco, Vice Admiral Anil Kumar Chawla, AVSM, NM, VSM, ADC, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Naval Command inaugurated the Wet Waste Processing Station at INS Chilka on the premises of INS Chilka, a unit under Southern Naval Command. This is the second facility where Ekam is operating the composting process for naval command, the first one for INS Circars, Eastern Naval Command.

There is no automated machinery except a set of shredders and incubation baskets. The process is a completely natural and manual process. This means apart from the natural composting process, we also generate local employment. This composting setup will reduce the load of waste dumped by almost 30 tones per month.

This waste will be converted to close to 3000-4500 kilos of nutrient-rich (Nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium viz. NPK) compost. The process is accomplished by an efficient aerobic culture used for composting, “Compost CARE Aerobic”, a Zerodor CARE product. The consortium of bacteria known as “Odo CARE RTU” helps in eliminating the foul odour in the process of decomposition.

Kitchen waste composting has a very tangible impact on the climate and the environment. It eliminates the formation of ethane and methane types of greenhouse gasses from garbage dumps. It eliminates contamination of groundwater and soil due to highly acidic Leachate formed from garbage dumps. The soil conditioners of the output as compost from the process enhances the capacity of the soil to hold moisture and reduce water runoff.

The compost formed also brings back the natural nutrients like NPK and is a rich source of carbon for the soil while also conserving landfill space. The compost also adds benefits of nitrogen-fixing microbes in the soil while maintaining the pH balance of the soil.

We are grateful to be awarded this opportunity and hope that we make more impact in the days and years to come.

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