Excel CoolCoat
Excel CoolCoat
Excel CoolCoat
Excel CoolCoat

Water Based High SRI Heat Reflective Cool Roof Coating




EXCEL CoolCoat® is a water based, high solids, PUD hybrid, Summer Cool coating for Roof. EXCEL CoolCoat® contains both reflection and nano insulation pigments for best in class heat protection. Along with it, the adhesion enhancer & Nano UV protectors prevent the coating from UV degradation delivering excellent weatherability and longer service life. EXCEL CoolCoat® is powered with micro-fibres for excellent water proofing & crack resistance.

Can be applied on any types of surface like RCC (flat/slope), Tiled, Metal sheet, Asbestos sheet, colour coated metal sheet, Side walls etc.

Key Differences-
Normally reflective coating contains only reflective pigments which works on the basis of reflection. In the current scenario carbon & fine dust settling is very high, which when settles over the coated surface spoils the reflectivity of the coating. Thus the coating fails & desired performance is not achieved. To prevent this failure, It contains high performance Nano-insulating material to efficiently protect heat from entering inside.

It contains high end Nano UV protectors which protects the coating from aging & degrading within few years.

It contains addition enhancers which provides excellent addition property across variety of surfaces.

It contains reinforced microfibers for excellent waterproofing & crack resistance.

It is time tested, field proven & highest exported Heat Reflective Coating from India.

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4 Ltr, 10 Ltr, 20 Ltr

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  1. Heat reflective coating

    Keeps the temperature down by reflecting away most of sunlight, make sure to try this out


    it really keeps temperature down.

    Devika Gopinath

    Best product for keep temperature down


4 out of 5
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