Glazed Iso Balls (GIB)

GIB is a light weight material produced by special process. The material is in the form of glass like bubbles. These are closed cell particles with high mechanical strength, very low water absorption & very high fire resistance characteristic. GIB being chemically inert has excellent heat & acoustic insulation characteristics & once mixed with cement, very high thermal resistance value can be achieved.



GIB is widely used in Building Construction Industry as a light weight aggregate, when combined with Portland cement and water it produces an ultra light weight concrete. GIB is a very unique insulating material especially when studied in comparison with other conventional insulating materials having RValue 2.78.

GIB can also be used in other areas where making a product lighter will be beneficial & a variety of permanent insulating applications.

Popular applications of GIB :-

  • Insulating roof decks
  • Lightweight floor fills / screeds
  • Insulating structural roof decks
  • Curtain wall systems
  • Lightweight pre-cast panels for partitions
  • Lightweight insulating blocks
  • Roof / Ceiling tiles
  • Hollow / Cavity walls

GIB Concrete insulation is the ideal base for built up and single ply roofing system.


Perlcon GIB: Physical Properties
Refractive Index1.5
Free Moisture, Max.0.5%
Specific Gravity0.32
Bulk Density100-250 kg/m3
Grain Size0-2 mm
Softening Point871-1093 °C
Fusion Point1260-1343 °C
Specific Heat837 J/ kg k
Thermal Conductivity at (24° C)0.04 -0.06 W/mk

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