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Sustainability Student Olympiad


To Celebrate the Culture of Sustainability, We are Organizing a Sustainability Student Olympiad by Econaur & Constructivist for all the Students to test their knowledge on Sustainability, provide them opportunity to Learn all about Green Buildings Supported by Econaur.

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This olympiad will focus on testing your knowledge about sustainable practices and their importance in preserving the environment. Quizzes will start from 14th February 2024, the End date of Quiz is 21st February 2024.

Guidelines for Sustainability Launchpad Initiative !

Welcome to the Sustainability Olympiad Quiz! To participate, please carefully follow these guidelines:


  • Mandatory: Visit the econaur website and create an account before proceeding. Click here to register: <invalid URL removed>
  • Enter your details accurately as they will appear on your participation certificate.


Course Introduction:

  • Before accessing the quiz, watch the introductory video to gain context and prepare for the questions.
  • Mark the introductory video as "complete" on the platform.

Taking the Quiz:

  • Attempting all 25 questions is mandatory to receive a score and participation certificate.
  • There is no time limit, so take your time and answer carefully.
  • Review your answers if necessary before submitting.

Results and Certification:

  • Upon completing the quiz, your score will be displayed immediately.
  • You can download a participation certificate with your score by clicking the designated button.

Additional Information:

  • This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of sustainability principles and practices.
  • Please uphold academic integrity and refrain from using any external resources while taking the quiz.
  • For any queries, contact the econaur team through the platform or their official channels.
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Sustainable Material Guide


Sustainable Material Guide
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