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Partner Collaboration Agreement
This Agreement defines the understanding by which Econaur and partner company, as a Econaur Partner, agree to operate under. It is not meant to be a legal document but rather mutually agreed upon guidelines. Our goal is to establish a mutually profitable relationship with our Partner. To achieve this goal, Econaur seeks to support our Partners to sell their products, develop their brand image, leading web support and superior customer service & other value added services in the field of Sustainability.

Towards this goal, an overview of the key elements of our support, and, in return, our expectations are outlined below.
Terms & Conditions:
1. Partners has to provide the details of their products including the pictures and price of their product.
2. Econaur will upload the product details on their website including product’s brand name and price (Wherever required).
3. Partner is Sole responsible for the Delivery of Product, Partner will add all the price including the delivery fees, Econaur will charge 5 % Transaction fees (Online Transaction fees) in case of Online Payments. All payments that is recorded by Econaur will be reimbursed within a week time. Currently we will be Enabling Online payments only.
4. Partner also need to share the Delivery estimate timing and the regions where the product can be sold.
5. In case of Product Inquiries, all the Inquiries will be shared to partner and they have to respond that as per the timeline and update Econaur team about the feedback so we can improve the quality in Inquiries.
6. Partner will replace the product if it is not accordingly of proper quality within 7 days of the delivery.
7. Partner has to update about its products availability and price to Econaur accordingly.
8. GST shall be not be applicable on the products (Inclusive in the price offered by client).
9. Partner will pay a One time Registration Fees (Account Registration & Setup fees) of Rs. 50,000. Registration Fees is for taken once is and Non – Refundable, The Account will be valid till lifetime after registration.
10. A single point of contact from the Partner’s team shall be appointed for coordination and exchange of project specific information seamlessly.
11. The Marketing team will discuss on the Prospective Marketing Plans and can offer Value added services for which if required Partner has to pay additional fees (If applicable)
12. Quarterly Progress Report will be shared with the Partner time to time, and will do Monthly Review Meeting to identify the progress & Improvements in the Project.
13. Partner will provide all the Information, Technical Details of the product, and also Information for Current dealers and clients. Econaur team will only use this data for Analysis and Increasing the Sales.
14. Econaur team will work from Jaipur HQ & Partner will provide us the content on regular basis.
15. Econaur Team is Binded to not share the Confidential Information as Shared by the Partner.
16. All listed products, company names, brand names, logos and trademarks visible on Econaur’s website are property of respective owner organizations and used for display/listing purposes under fair use laws only. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Partner allow Econaur to use their Product’s images, logos and graphics on its website.
Our Commitment to Our Partners
Econaur has aggregated a superior offering of products and a customer-focused operations team to back it up. We recognize that you, Partners, are our most important asset, and we have to earn your support every day. To emphasis our commitment to you, our team is hereby available for all kind of assistance that will be required by partner.

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