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EXCEL NanoSeal

EXCEL NanoSeal forms an excellent weather coat for all types of cement and stone surfaces. It provides water repellence within 8 hour of application. The water repellence further improves over 48 hours after application. EXCEL NanoSeal by its name indicates a nano technology based water repellent. Unlike various film of coating, EXCEL NanoSeal does not seal the pores at the surface of concrete. Instead, it penetrates into the pores and forms a very thin (nano) layer on the pore walls. These pores no longer will be wetted by water and the capillary uptake of water is prevented upto 95%. On the surface treated with EXCEL NanoSeal, the drop of water is repelled and stands in the form of bead and does not penetrate inside. When the building materials come into contact with water, they absorb an amount of water which depends upon the porosity, resulting in penetration of water through the wall, cracks caused by swelling and shrinkage, destruction of concrete caused by corrosion of reinforced steel, lime leaching, chemical corrosion, binder transformation


  • Minimizes/stops completely water absorption into the substrate.
  • Helps in reducing sapling due to freeze-thaw efflorescence.
  • Easiest way to repair and protect already leaking and old buildings.
  • Excellent surface penetration offers excellent protection to the porous surfaces.
  • Water based. No solvents used.
  • Easy application methods.
  • Resistant against fungus, moulds, mildew and leaching
  • Prevents aging, scaling and salt burst.
  • Prevents structural damage.
  • Prevents electrical shocks due to wet leaking roofs.
  • Prevents corrosion of reinforced steel used in construction.
  • Enhances life of buildings.


  • EXCEL NanoSeal reacts with the atmospheric moisture, thereby generating active resin while liberating moisture.
  • The active nano ingredient gives excellent water repellency to the substrate without clogging the pores or capillaries and the substrate retains a very high degree of vapor permeability.
  • EXCEL NanoSeal should be diluted 1:12 (parts by weight) with potable water.
  • The substrate should be air dry and absorbent. The diluted solution should be liberally applied one or two coats, depending upon porosity of substrate material.
  • The solution can be applied by brush or spray.

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