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finishing material


A floor covering made from thick woven fabric, a slender moth marked with undulating bands of colour across the wings

green home

Ecofriendly Modular

A Green Modular building is an energy efficient building. We make durable buildings that are air-tight and well insulated, so they will cost you less to heat. SIPS panels u2013 Our eco classrooms are built using a Structured Insulated Panel System (SIPS) that ensures a high level of insulation.



Tiles are flat, square pieces of baked clay, carpet, cork, or other substance, which are fixed as a covering onto a floor or wall. Amy's shoes squeaked on the tiles as she walked down the corridor. The cabins had linoleum tile floors.

walls and ceiling

Walls and Ceilings

A ceiling is an overhead interior surface that covers the upper limits of a room. It is not generally considered a structural element, but a finished surface concealing the underside of the roof structure or the floor of a storey above. Coving often links the ceiling to the surrounding walls.


Low VOC Paints

Paint is the most commonly used material to protect steel.nModern specifications usually comprise a sequential coating application of paints or alternatively paints applied over metal coatings to form a 'duplex' coating system. The protective paint systems usually consist of primer, undercoat(s) and finish coats.


Eco friendly furniture

Eco friendly furniture is furniture that is created in a manner that has minimum negative impact on the environment. This means that where wood is used, it has come from renewable sources and any chemicals used in the process do not pollute or harm the environment


Aluminium Works

Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust and is obtained mainly from bauxite. Its resistance to corrosion, lightness, and strength (especially in alloys) have led to widespread use in domestic utensils, engineering parts, and aircraft construction.


Wood for interior like plywood

Plywood is wood veneers bonded together to produce a flat sheet. An extremely versatile product, plywood is used for a wide range of structural, interior and exterior applications - from formwork through to internal paneling.

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Sustainable Material Guide


Sustainable Material Guide
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