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SMART Metal Rectangular Duct

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Smart Metal Ducts, crafted with advanced automated technology, offer efficient handling of small to large-scale jobs in Galvanized Iron, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. The TDF Flange System ensures a seamless 4-bolt duct connection, eliminating the need for additional sealing. C & S ducts, designed for low-pressure systems, feature economical C-Cleats and S-Cleats. MS Angle Flanges enhance rigidity, ideal for areas demanding minimal leakage and maximum stability. With precise dimensions and pressure class options, Smart Metal Ducts deliver high-quality assembly and reliable performance.

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Smart Metal Ducts is manufactured usuing Fully automated latest Auto Fold Duct Line supported by Automatic Both End Corner Inserter, Pittsburg Lock Former, Plasma Arc Cutting Machine, Auto Seaming Machine etc. which enables us to handle both small and large scale jobs efficiently with consistent quality. Our Range of Metal Ducts include Galvanized Iron(GI) Duct, Stainless Steel(SS) Ducts and Aluminum Duct .


TDF is a 4 bolt duct connection system which consists of a Flanges profile which are roll formed on to duct at both ends.TDF flanges eliminates the need for additional intemal sealing around the edges of the duct there by saving labour and material. A recessed groove on the flange and radial groove on corner piecs are provided for proper gasket fitting thus maintaining high quality assembly.

C & S

C-Cleats also called as drive deats and S-Cleats also known as slip cleats which are designed to work on smaller size applications.
C & S type of duct are generally fabricated with gauges of 26G and and 24G and are used for low pressure ducting system.
These Flanges are economical as the overall system weight is reduced.


MS Angle Flanges are put additionally over GI duct shell to increase the rigidity of the duct. AIPL manufactures these GI Ducts which are suited to join with MS Angle Flanges at site.
This kind of system are used in the areas which requiers lowest leakage factor and maximum rigidity.


Positive Or Negative
1/2″ 1″ 2″ 3 4″ 6″ 10″
8″/DN 26 26 26 24 24 24 22
9.10″ 26 26 26 24 22 20 18
11.12″ 26 26 24 22 20 18 18
13.14″ 26 24 22 20 18 18
15.16″ 26 22 20 18 18 16
17.18″ 26 22 20 18 16
19.20″ 24 20 18 16
21.22″ 22 18 16 16
23.24″ 22 18 16 16
25.26″ 20 18
27.28″ 18 16
29.30″ 18 16
31.36″ 16

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