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KiTEC’s PE-AL-PEX pipes and DZR Brass fittings are designed for superior hot water/heating applications, featuring a high-density cross-linked polyethylene inner wall, aluminum strip middle wall, and UV-stabilized black polyethylene outer layer. Cross-linking enhances temperature strength, chemical resistance, and slow crack growth resistance. The pipes offer improved properties such as chemical resistance, tensile strength, impact resistance, and scratch resistance. KiTEC ensures safe use even when exposed to sunlight, making it a reliable choice for quality construction.

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KiTEC is a well-known brand in the construction industry for its quality and integrity. KiTEC PE-AL-PEX pipe is in continuation of its philosophy of giving technologically superior products to the customer. KiTEC PE-AL-PEX multilayer barrier pipe and compression DZR Brass fittings are specially designed for hot water/heating applications. KiTEC PE-AL-PEX multilayer barrier pipe is manufactured from high-density cross-linked polyethylene as an inner wall with an aluminum strip layer as the middle wall of the pipe which in turn is covered with a thin layer of UV Stabilised black polyethylene.

What is PEX?
PEX is the short form for Cross-linked Polyethylene. Cross-linked Polyethylene is a polyethylene material that has undergone a change in molecular structure using a chemical or a physical process whereby the polymer chains are chemically linked and is commonly abbreviated as PEX or XLPE. Cross-linked bonds in the polymer structure change the thermoplastic to a thermoset.

The required degree of cross-linking, according to ASTM Standard F 876-93, is between 65 and 89%. A higher degree of cross-linking could result in brittleness and stress cracking of the material.

Improved Properties:

Cross-linking of polyethylene into PEX for pipes results in improved properties such as elevated temperature strength and performance, chemical resistance, and resistance to slow crack growth.
The high-temperature properties of the polymer are improved. Adequate strength to 120-150°C is maintained by reducing the tendency to flow.

1. Chemical resistance is enhanced by resisting dissolution.
2. Low-temperature properties are improved.
3. Impact and tensile strength are enhanced.
4. Scratch resistance property is enhanced.
5. Resistance to brittle fracture is enhanced.

PEX tubing cannot be used in applications exposed to sunlight, as it degrades fairly rapidly. KiTEC has, therefore, preferred to use PEX to take advantage of its above-mentioned superior properties for the internal layer and use PE with carbon black for the external layer. To ensure safe use exposed to sunlight.

Various added properties of PE-AL-PEX Pipes offer the following advantages:

Specification: PE-AL-PEX PIPES


110 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm

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