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Astberg AEC 160 Quiet Inline Duct Fan (20CMH-800CMH) Silent Mix Flow

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Item Dimensions LxWxH 29.3 x 20.2 x 18.7 Centimeters
Brand Astberg
Power Connector Type 3-Pin
Voltage 240 Volts (AC)
Wattage 77 Watts

About This Item:

  • Astberg EC duct fans are used in indoor grow facilities and vertical farms, heating and cooling transfer, commercial drying and air filtration applications. Our inline blowers can also create negative pressure environments, simulate wind, exhaust odors and smoke as well as intake fresh air from outdoors
  • Built with cutting edge brushless EC Motor and dual jet type blades, this blower delivers 800CMH airflow rate using just 77 Watts at max speed. Our fans don’t “purge” or waste electricity at lower speeds.
  • Our EC fan gives you a unique flexibility of controls – choose any speed from 0 to 100% using the included variable speed controller without creating background noise or hum at low speeds. Or choose to upgrade to a wireless remote control or intelligent thermostat speed controller with temperature programming .
  • Coated steel housing resists rust, protects motor and blades from accidental damage and harsh elements to reduce maintenance in demanding applications. This fan has IPX4 ingress protection rating
  • Duct Diameter: 6” (150mm) * Airflow: 20CMH – 800CMH * Power: 77W * Noise: 30-60 dBA * Max Pressure: 350 Pa * Bearings: Dual Ball *


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What is in the box?

  • 2 Steel Clumps, Aluminium tape roll

Product Description:

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Unlike common duct fans that uses an AC-motor which are loud and unmanageable, this duct fan features an EC-motor . This technology enables motors to run smoothly at extremely low RPM speeds without generating additional heat or noise. In addition, the duct fan uses a mixed flow design using a stater blade and dual hydrodynamic wind circles. This gives it a high static pressure rating, enabling it to deliver airflow even in applications where air movement is being restricted. The motor houses dual ball bearings rated at 50,000 hours which allows the duct fan unit to be mounted in any direction. The unit is IP44 rated to be highly resistant to dust and liquids, and performs well even in harsh environments.

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AEC160 Quiet Inline Duct Fan can be used for exhaust and supply ventilation systems that require high pressure, high efficiency airflow and low noise levels. The fan can be used with rigid and flexible ducting. These fans are the ideal solution for air exhaust systems for rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchen as well as ventilation for apartments, house, shops, cafes, restaurant, cinemas etc.


astberg, astberg ventilation, inline duct fan, inline fan, duct fan, ec motor

astberg, astberg ventilation, inline duct fan, duct fan, ec motor fan

astberg, astberg ventilation, inline duct fan, inline fan, duct fan, ec motor

astberg, astberg ventilation, inline duct fan, inline fan, duct fan, ec motor


Featuring a mixed flow design, the fans maintain peak performance in high static pressure environments. Ingress-protected against dust and liquids

Variable Speed Controller

The duct fan is equipped with variable speed controller, it can precisely optimize the fan’s speed.

EC Motor

Each system utilizes EC motor that is controlled using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which is quieter and more energy efficient than AC fans.

Quiet and Powerful Inline Fan

The EC motor enables the inline fan to operate considerably quieter, and reach speeds without generating noise or heat.Air Flow: 760 CFM.

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Astberg AEC 160 Quiet Inline Duct Fan (20CMH-800CMH) Silent Mix Flow
Astberg AEC 160 Quiet Inline Duct Fan (20CMH-800CMH) Silent Mix Flow
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