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Cooler roofs mean a Longer Life of roofs with crack prevention & contribution to indoor cooling!

Green Pro Certified Cool Tops – Cool Roof System by Panache is the most simple, efficient, sustainable & economic roof cooling system, providing solar insulation, working on NIR Reflection Technology & Nanotechnology reducing the generation of heat & thus ingress of heat indoors! Cool Tops reduces the surface temperature by up to 20 Deg C & Indoor temperature is reduced by up to 4 to 8Dec C. Cool Tops has the potential to reduce the city temperature by 2 to 30 C (as stated by GCCA; LBNL); Adopting Cool Tops is one of the most viable ways to combat the Climate Change & Global Warming impact!


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Products Specification 

Cool Guard: This is the first priming layer for the complete sustainable system. 2 coats of Cool Guard is recommended for sustainable performance Cool Guard is a single component modified acrylic polymer powder mix. Cool Guard emulsion is being made on-site by adding water to the powder mix. Cool Guard amends roofs just like new and provides energy conservation for temperature stability. Cool Guard has a high affinity for masonry substrate and it becomes part of the substrate giving an excellent base for COOL TOPS. The properties are UV resistance; eco-friendly; Low VOC that adds to environmental benefit. It gives an excellent base to the premium cool roofing system.

Cool Top: Cool Top is a single component ready emulsion coating for the cool roof, applied as a topcoat. 2 coats are recommended for sustainable performance. Cool Top Becomes an integral coating for COOL TOPS System. Cool Top is a highly reflective layer & amends roofs just like new and provides better cooling and aesthetics by bright white colour with temperature stability. Its added advantage of Silicon cross-linking Technology provides better elasticity, stability and life to the cool roof. It’s UV resistant, eco-friendly, and NIL VOC adds to environmental benefits. Different pastel colour shades can also achieve reflectivity by reflective pigments. Being elastomeric plays an important role to resist structural cracks.


  • SRI – 109; Reflectivity – 90%; Emissivity – 0.86.
  • Decorative with low dirt pick up.
  • Breathe ability for preventing moisture in roofs (MICROPOROUS).
  • ECOFRIENDLY; Used for Green buildings.
  • Cool Guard on flat as well as sloping roofs for better finishing, brightness, reduced porosity.
  • Cool Top surface keeps cool in highest temp also.
  • Stops Heating Of Roofs due to Sun Exposure.
  • Reduces Surface Temperature by up 14 – 240 C in Peak Summers.
  • Reduces Indoor under Deck Surface Temperature by up to 14 0 C.
  • Air Conditioning Running Cost Reduces by up to 40%.
  • Electricity bills are saved by up to 40%.
  • Reduces Heat Island Temperature – Increase labour productivity.
  • When applied on metal sheets; Prevents Corrosion of metal sheets.
  • Can be applied to any type of material – cement, metal, wood, Syntax Water Tanks, concrete, RCC, IPS.
  • Protects the IPS of the roof to develop further cracks by controlling temp variance

TranSeal: Used as a final coat, TranSeal is a transparent single component liquid solution, used for providing transparent water & dust protection, scratch resistance to porous structures of concrete, plaster, IPS. TranSeal is a versatile and environmentally friendly coating material. TranSeal is flexible, non-tacky, light-fast, resistant to ageing, and heat-sealable. Transeal coat increases the protection of the overall building by giving anti-carbonation effects too.

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