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Econaur is focused on creating awareness and bringing together all the stakeholders together under one platform. Econaur is one and only online Green Building Aggregator platform providing assistance in green building construction. Econaur showcases all the sustainable and energy-efficient products and the technology used in green building construction at the same place.

  • Sustainable Products
    100+ Sustainable & Green Building Construction Materials

  • Professional Community
    1000+ Community of Green Building Professional & Experts

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction
    2.5 Million Ton + Carbon Footprint Reduced

  • Continous Support
    200+ Strong team available for assistance

  • Growing Network
    Presence in 300+ cities all over India

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Why Green Buildings are required and how Econaur can help in that

If you still don't know what exactly we do, well don't worry here you will understand what we are doing here and how we do it.What we do?Econaur is India's first online aggregator platform which provides one stop solutions for green and energy efficient buildings by providing the materials, products, technology and expert guidance. It has made an easy online platform for everyone who needs to know about sustainable and green construction, and...
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Explore the Community platform by Econaur

The construction sector is bound to have a detrimental impact on the environment due to the resurgence in growth, which is attributed to the rapid technological advancements, need not be mentioned. With such problems there are countless companies that are determined to innovate products, technologies and services that help people to identify the environmental problems created by the construction sector and also find solutions for the...
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Steps taken by Government in making Energy Efficient Buildings

Energy Efficiency is a word we often heard to save the energy and conserve it, Ministry of Power initiated and formed BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) was formed and its function is to develop programs which will increase the conservation and efficient use of energy in India.It was formed after the Energy Conservation Act 2001 that was initiated by Govt. of India to promote and take care the most critical topic that is Energy Conservation.At first BEEs Main function was to promote Energy Efficiency and develop awareness...
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Zerodor - Zero Flushes!

There is a situation like a tug of war happening in the minds of people regarding the catastrophic environmental crisis because of reduction of water levels as well as increased amounts of GHG emissions in the atmosphere and the traditional, conventi...

Understanding the Requirement of Cool roof to keep the Temperature of the Building Moderate & Efficient

How building envelope acts as thermal insulation!

The "building envelope" of the building includes the outside walls, windows, doors, roof, etc. of the home. It is the skin of your house and helps protect everything inside....

Monday Flashback 23 - The Pocharam SEZ Campus, Hyderabad : A Modern Sustainable Architecture with Resource efficiency

Infosys has the first commercial radiant cooled building in India that is “Pocharam campus” in Hyderabad.


We are back with another Flashback of the week, presenting on this Monday....


Time spent in nature is the most cost-effective and powerful way to counteract the burnout.


All the products listed contributes in making the environment friendly building.


Get all the resources for making a energy efficient building at the same place.


Compare the green and conventional construction product together.